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Bernard Chapin has the same opinion that I have about Oprah (thanks for the mention Bern.) and like Bern, did actually sit and watch some of the Oprah programs just to ensure that the opinion I had derived was 100 percent correct. Oprah, akin to the "SPIN SISTERS" of the nineties, screamed before every program and news release  'FIND THE VICTIM", Finding that victim allowed this feminist enabler and leader to continue her male bashing and ramping up her anti-male vitriol by endlessly displaying and extolling the various ways in which all those poor victimhood princesses were suffering..

The Oprah Show: The Female Sufferers Epicentre..

Oprah was ofcourse totally deaf, dumb and blind whenever any issues pertained to men and promptly ignored those issues as it conflicted with feminist dogma. It would contradict the feminist mantras, that only "Women Are Victims". Yep, Oprah was totally uninterested in telling that truth. She made her money serving up the gullible with what they wanted to hear. Now we have generations of women suffering the victimintologist's miasma, as they wallow in it's daily, self inflicted, feminist promoted, drug induced, euphoria..