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Seeing as females no longer want to work full-time and retire at 30, as it's just way too much of an effort. This may be a good opportunity to fixate a little on your own pad, your living quarters where you live and you can store your own stuff and decorate the joint to the way you like it instead allowing Miss Thunderstorm in and remove all your favourite items..

Bear in mind also to take some precautions as the girls will now be looking at you a little more intently, gazing in your direction and if possible, displaying a bit more of the "honey trap" goodies..

Make sure the sign in the hall states "visitors are welcome to leave at any time"..

The Bachelor Aesthetic


A Single Man’s Only Refuge of Sanity

By Ken Knight
No need to write about how to properly beef up one’s “man-cave” domicile or basement chamber of freedom here, entire volumes have been penned on the subject elsewhere and with good content to boot. If one is single and living alone, then he has sole prerogative to customize the interior of his dwelling as he sees fit (but for those whom want to house exotic pets such as King Cobras in your den I suggest checking local ordinances).
Of course, I have known numerous single guys who just had to do the opposite and decorate their home according to what they “thought” visiting women might prefer to see on the walls, in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, which was something I had to chide them about whenever I saw such pandering to female aesthetic tastes by bachelors.
I recommend a total interior environment that is pleasing to only ONE man alone, the occupant whose signature is on the lease or mortgage! The prevailing idea of pleasing the visual and mediocre tastes of some femmes who happen to stroll through your domicile is about as stupid as buying a gas-grill you’ll never use to put out on your patio just because your neighbors all have one! A bachelor’s pad is just that….the home of a BACHELOR, also known as a single man living alone, a concept that is not seen as ideal these days because the Single Happy Bachelor is viewed as “suspect” by misandrists and mangina white-knighters alike whose rebuke of such a lifestyle is loudly trumpeted in the form of shaming rhetoric deriding the single bachelor as “irresponsible”, “loser”, “weirdo”, etc.
Living alone requires one to surround himself with a pleasing aesthetic interior specific to the man who lives there and has to enjoy what he sees every morning and night while he is inside his lawful domain: sports-memorabilia, baseball cards, autographed photos, work-related awards or past accolades, movie posters, framed photos of family, friends, and past glories, shadowboxes filled with the accomplishments of military or police service, a gun rack and maybe even custom furniture comfortable solely to the owner.
Married men….you know, those smug “I got mine” yahoos who like to insist upon walking you through their oversized cookie-cutter households to show you what you’re “missing out” on? Yeah, those indentured servants….surrender is the norm there, mostly the cupcake bride getting to pick what goes where, what queer color scheme is slapped on the walls and her hubby’s “man cave” possessions all delegated to either a dark and damp basement floor, a rental-storage unit out in Kansas somewhere, or the nearest dumpster!
Whatever you are “in o” fits in your bachelor pad domicile, and absolutely no one else should be allowed to convince you otherwise just for what “others” may “think” if and when they traipse through your man-cave, who cares who they are! Think about it, if someone is “offended” by something you have on your wall or in your living room which pleases you and is there for your enjoyment, then kick them the hell out and call it a day.
A couple of years ago I had a professional photographer and a female model in my home taking photos I wanted for use on the cover and back cover of a book I was getting published that year. The model saw the autographed 24×36 framed poster of Playboy’s 1987 Playmate of the Year I had on my bedroom wall and questioned me about it, saying she didn’t like it, asking what other women I had over thought about the signed nude poster framed inside my home like that. I just laughed and told her that I didn’t care what visitors thought about it, I was the one living there and that I enjoyed looking at such a pleasant female shape every day when such a “fit” lady is not so commonly found on the streets of America today. *Truth be told, I am an avid celebrity-autograph collector and have many signed photos framed on the walls of my home as part of my ‘aesthetic’ so it falls under the category of “hobby” and not just pornography!*
Regardless of what others may think of your bachelor pad’s interior and your own personal enjoyments, displays, and entertainment items spread throughout your domicile, ENJOY and keep a thick skin when it comes to any nay-sayers who think your “motif” isn’t female-acceptable! Gentlemen, we are currently deployed in a world fast on its way to formally becoming a Dystopia, with Feminism and its pink-bellied enforcers trying to goad free men in general into a more “pliable” form for their slave-labor tax base, and clearly the “culture” we are enduring is increasingly hostile to free expression of OTHER IDEAS, entertainment and personal aesthetics included. In order to remain free, all a single man really has to do is keep his personal tastes and ideals intact; the first boundary no one else should be invading is his household and what he has inside it.
I dare say we’ve all experienced the Indentured Servant mantra of placating women‘s tastes to the detriment of all you enjoy (just so your buddies will think that you’re “getting some”) and that is stir-fried bullsh*t with the kitchen knife in your back.
With all that is going on around us (as many of our brethren polish brass on the Titanic) shouldn’t we hold our tastes sacrosanct, allowing no outside interference to force us to give up such a personally-pleasing refuge so as to be devoured by the soul-draining insanity that stands outside our doors?
Ken Knight is the Author of “THE MIDNIGHT SHOW~ Late Night Cable TV Guy-Flicks of the 80s” as well as the zombie-apocalypse novel “DIRGE”.