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Feminists have always made the claim that women possess and tread a higher ethical and conscious level..

That claim may have worked had it not been the fact that we started having a really good look at the enemy feminist movement, it did not take too long to discover that the impugned level assigned to all females was indeed grossly over estimated and overstated as usual, at that time it was convenient to install the "all women are victims" mantra they have promoted since. Even at the commencement of that hate movement there were bomb attacks and murder threats (ask Erin Pizzey for details). Anyone who dared to counter the male hater's goals were automatically sentenced to life in purgatory or some other similar level of hell..

Over the past week, females, in particular, feminists have enhanced their abusive and cold blooded anarchistic leanings by displaying precisely what they claim to have hated men for. Their actions once again clearly demonstrates their endless hypocrisy in denigrating and generating anti-male attitudes, while at the same time claiming that their sex is not shown any respect. Strange that, it's that cognitive dissonance roundabout kicking in again. Comprehension of their own hypocrisy and doublethink relies on your current level of addiction..

So one must wonder how that same sex can utter these words like it's some type of revelation..

Women: If You Want Respect from Men then Act Like You Deserve It

You think..
It's time girls started taking half of the responsibility for some men being "jerks". That's right. I said it. I can hear the guys cheering and the gals hissing and preparing to claw my eyes out. Before you start sending me nasty hate mail, take the time to read on.  
Now, I've been called a feminist by many. I am all about empowering women and seeing them do great things, but with great power comes great responsibility. Maybe the comic book fan in me is showing , but I'm serious. There's more to a girl demanding respect for herself than just screaming at guys when they act like....well, guys. 
I can't express how tired I am of hearing girls whine about how they were wronged by a guy when in fact they slept with him almost immediately, after he made it clear he didn't want a relationship, or even waited until the guy was drunk to make their move. It's different if the guy has been leading you on for a while, dating you, or acting interested and only after sex disappears or tells you he doesn't want to be involved. In those cases, he deserves every name you can throw at him. 
Some girls just don't get it. No matter what the "agreement" is, or how many times a guy has told them they don't want a relationship, some girls seem to have this notion that their stuff is golden and the minute they give it up, the guy will automatically be starstruck into wanting or loving them, and that he will turn into prince charming. These girls seem to think that if they have sex, it automatically means the guy has to repay them by committing. When they don't get their way, they want to throw a fit and blame the guy. I guess that's easier than admitting you did something stupid. 
In order for me to address all the points made in this article, that would take way too long, apart from the fact that this journo lays some claim to being a feminist, which does not appear to being the case as she states that she is accused of it and a quick check did not expose her to be one. So there is hope as the majority are not feminists, and it's unusual to see Yahoo not cowtowing (sic) to the feminist mantra and doctrine as they normally do..

I, like the author, still waiting for women to do great things as this week alone can go down in history as not only being an eye opener on their disgusting behaviour, but also suffer a severe drop in popularity, it's not too often we have women raging about genocide, mass murder and child abuse against all men and boys, maybe it was just practise..

I am still trying to get over the "girls" and "accountability" comment in the same sentence. Look for the next oxymoron..