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This article from The Private Man site sums up a particular scary situation that women are facing nicely, if not now, definitely in the future..
For those of you who have chased the odd skirt or two in his lifetime, would be well aware of the fact that women just assume they are the prize, they have been trained via DNA or something else and do believe that the final decision to partner anyone is their decision and their's alone. They assume also that they need not bring anything else to that two step which is why they continually moan and bitch about guys picking up the bill as it makes them feel in control. It's proof that they are worth it just like them mags. always told em!  Most get snooty when requested to part cash for her part of the feast..

The last question that a woman wants to ever hear is "what do you bring to the table", that puts the onus back onto them to justify their actions and face some accountability which in "women speak" means, ignore him and find another sucker. If they could, you would be on all fours begging for attention but they have squandered their check off list with unreasonable demands and it's payback time...

Why Feminists Hate Us
November 18, 2011

Feminists loathe anyone who participates positively in the Manosphere – PUA, MRA, MGTOW. I used to attribute that feminist loathing to simple man-hating. That was too basic, too binary for me and didn’t seem wholly accurate. I finally figured something out with the help of a blogger, “girlwriteswhat” and video a found over at Dalrock’s blog. She has an interesting blog and at least one excellent (if long) video.
While some radical feminists might be up for some righteous hate upon men, the average, card-carrying feminist simply can’t loathe all men. That’s because they need men, they just can’t admit it. As girlwriteswhat states clearly in her video and in some of her excellent posts, men are still expected to sacrifice their very lives on the alter of womanhood. Men have the social obligation to put the needs of women before the needs of themselves. This is the ultimate privilege that women possess.
Us Manosphere guys, the Red Pill men, the guys who figured it out, we know better. We don’t put a woman’s needs before our own. Run into a burning building to save an unknown woman? We’d think twice. It’s that hesitation which galls feminists so much.
A PUA sees an attractive woman? He doesn’t think twice about her relationship status, his needs come first. That galls feminists, too. A man eschews a committed relationship with a woman to live on his own terms? How dare he put his own needs first? He must be a man-child.
When I read Amanda Marcotte (no link from me) rail against MRAs, I know that it’s simply an expression of her incredible fear that she won’t be rescued first from the burning building. Yet she and her ilk continually denigrate the aggressive nature of masculinity – they use the rape culture proxy – that provided the vital attitudes of ambition, achievement, competitiveness, and assertiveness that built our civilization. Note the hellish hypocrisy of women bashing masculinity yet still expecting men to suborn their needs to those of women.
Even women who don’t identify themselves as feminists feel extremely awkward when confronted by a typical Red Pill question: “What do you bring to the table in terms of dating and a relationship?” The sense of awkwardness is a manifestation of fear that perhaps the man asking the question has learned too much about female privilege and male sacrifice.
Feminists tore up their side of the social gender contract and are desperate to keep men upholding their unbroken side of that contract. But the Manosphere keeps shining a bright spotlight on how that contract is so badly broken and that men should simply no longer sacrifice themselves for the needs of women.