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So the past two posts have clearly demonstrated that women in the Police Force and as Firefighters are more of a liability then help. But they are there at the behest of the feminist "equality" doctrine, regardless of the fact that their efforts and input are inferior to men, while at the same time demanding equal pay for half the effort..

This is typical discrimination at work. Women are and have been installed, nay, forced into these services at the behest of feminists who claim that "a woman can do anything a man can", but when it is definitely the case their inferior efforts are demonstrated, they are still promoted, awarded medals and paid the same for an effort that any 16 year old boy could do..

Delusion and incompetence is now the accepted standard, as regulations, rules and accountability are thrown out the door to ensure that those privileged princesses can claim "equality" but only at the risk and harm of the men who are forced to bear the extra burden that is imposed whenever a woman is thrown in the mix..

Another example of the sexism introduced and sanctioned by those service leaders who are putting men at risk just to promote the feminist feel good doctrine. They wonder why women have a credibility issue ?