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As I sit on my verandah with my laptop where it is supposed to be, looking up at a near perfect blue sky, the temperature in the low 20's. I got to thinking about a little event that happened about fifteen years back. In those years I spent some time looking at ways to enhance my income, so anything that came along I would pursue with that aim in mind. One of the characters I met was a very energetic man who I will call Patrick. He would definitely come under the label of the alpha male for the want of a better term, to me he was just another great guy. I have met quite a few, they are my kind of people. Patrick was self employed had three teenagers in tow, latest model vehicle, big house and other accoutrement and toys that kept him and his family, amused and occupied , married to a lovely woman,  had his own warehouse of stock that he sold on the open market etc.

He told me this story and he started of with the one comment which really explained how he went about his business, life and succeeded. "you have to have PMA" he stated, I thought it stood for pre-menstrual attenuation, apparently not. Positive mental attitude is what drove him to success and he proffered a favourite example about a couple he had met some time ago at some meeting or other. The question was posed by the female about overseas trips as she had heard they had just returned from one. After furnishing that information and stating that he trips every year with his partner to some exotic destinations, the questioner then turned around to her partner and stated rather forcefully "why can't you be like him" .

The "world's greatest communicator" had just managed in one sentence to totally destroy this guy's past efforts and possible future attempts at providing for this insulting, privileged princess as I knew she was not employed and had a couple of kids scooting about in the background. The equivalent insult coming from a male to a female would be " you fat, obnoxious, ugly bitch, why can't you look and be like  (select your favourite hottie). That would have been a great response but he said nothing possibly because the insult was just too over the top or the bitch usually acted in that fashion..

Kayla Collins
Sadly, those type of accusation or comments left undefended is what eats you up as it is so soul destroying and unnecessary. Inconsiderate and rude for all types of reason,  should never have been stated out aloud, she was only thinking of herself and nothing else. So the behaviour of women past is really no different than now only now, they (feminists) have the added the advantage of priming the "blame game" by  introducing issues so far back as to be a memory of the previous generations who lifestyle and behaviour were much better than now, just to ensure more guilt and angst is applied.  My response to the feminists blame game is f*ck em!, not interested as ALL those making those false claims we not alive and not part of that era so their interpretation is imaginary at best, hysterical at worst. All the same, I really don't care..

Which leads me to the mangina who persists in leaving sniping irrelevant comments on this and other blogs, either condemning them as he is just another pathetic feminist clone and enabler., but chose on this occasion to state the it was he who was responsible for the breakup of some relationship in the past and that he accepted full responsibility. Firstly, it is never just one individual in a partnership and it also takes two to disagree. Self mutilating and whipping yourself over a lost liaison is not only pathetic it's immature. Someone needs to grow up and smell the bias and the attitude that women have introduced into relationships, it just to once again verifies, just how uncaring and toxic they really are..

Lesson learnt yet ?