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United Male Haters, England, Harman.
The endless and unrelenting male-bashing and anti-male legislation as well as unlimited taxpayers dollars coming out of the White House are being channelled directly to women only, should be an obvious and clear indicator of exactly what the current government's primary focus is. Not only has Obama and his team of harridans introduced new guidelines to Universities which will ensure that any male student accused by any recalcitrant female who falsely accuses, that student will automatically be determined to be guilty, add to that lunacy the billions of dollars Obama and his team of feminists have already spent, has ensured that more productive men would be placed on the dole queue while the PPs were protected against job loss, as usual, by the tax dollars. Those tax dollars will continue to fund those positions that were originally regarded as short term..

Meanwhile the White House harridans continue on their misandric path with no resistance whatsoever.Meanwhile they infest all States with their misinformation, half truths and downright lies with impunity..

Lies of the White House Council for Women and Girls

In March 2009, the White House issued an Executive Order that established a Council on Women and Girls which directed the Federal government to look into perceived issues of inequality that women still supposedly face in the United States. 25 Departments were required to submit a report back to the President within 150 days, on the status of women and girls in the various areas of concern including education, political, economic, social and health care. In 2010 these reports begun flooding back in, and by 2011 the President and some member of Congress began to take action. What came out of these studies was a reaffirmation of affirmative action plans for women in both employment and education, and a reinvestment in social welfare programs.
The Executive Order itself was flawed with bad data, biased wording and a complete lack of mention about any problem that men and boys face. Indeed, no White House Council on Men and Boys was ever even contemplated. Let’s take a quick look at some of the wording of the executive order and reports, which shows not only a sexist attitude towards men, but a complete ignorance of the actual realities in the areas which were studied:
White House Executive Order 
“A record number of women are attending college and graduate school. The challenge of ensuring equal educational opportunities for women and girls endures.”
The truth is men have fallen to 41% of all college students, the same number women were at in 1970, yet the reports and initiatives that were the product of this order not only reaffirm affirmative action plans for women, but introduce some new programs and funding as well. Among others, STEM funding has been markedly increased for women only, but to this day there is still not one male only federal funding grant.
“Women make up a growing share of our workforce”
Women make up not only the majority of the workforce, men have 3.2% greater unemployment rate, which equates to about 2,000,000 more unemployed men than women.
“On average, American women continue to earn only about 78 cents for every dollar men make”
The wage gap myth has been debunked time and again. For one, these studies do not take into consideration that men are far and away the highest employed in dangerous jobs, which while comes with a higher paycheck, also comes with a risk of serious injury or death. In 2009 4,102 men (92.5%) died on the job while only 329 (7.5% ) women did. In 2009 the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that women now make up 51% of the high-paying management and professional jobs Furthermore, many studies have shown women under 30 actually earn a significant percentage higher wages on average than men.
“Far too many women lack health insurance, and many are unable to take time off to care for a new baby or an ailing family member.”
The federal and state government offers dozens of offices, and research councils that are for women only, and have enacted safety net programs that are either female only or where women gain the vast majority of health care dollars.
“Violence against women and girls remains a global epidemic.”
Global yes, but not in the Western world. The truth about Domestic Violence is much different than even our own government officials will admit to publicly. In reciprocal violence between intimate partners, women are just as likely to perpetrate violence as men. In events where violence was perpetrated by just one person, women are the abusers 70% of the time.
“As the current economic crisis has swept across our Nation, women have been seriously affected.”
Misleading statement. Men lost more jobs, and worse, in the jobs creation package recently passed by Congress in 2011, women obtained a much higher level or benefit than men.
“When women earn less than men for the same work, that affects families who have to work harder to make ends meet.”
Debunked, see above.
“When our daughters do not have the same educational and career opportunities as our sons, that affects entire communities, our economy, and our future as a Nation”
Again a false statement, as women make up almost 60% of college students and enjoy over two dozen female only government educational programs, hold 51% of the high-paying management and professional jobs, have a 3.2% lower unemployment rate and are 12 times less likely to be gravely injured or killed on the job.
While the Federal government continues to pour money and resources into problems that don’t exist, men become increasingly marginalized and suffer as a direct result. Tell both the Council on Women and Girls what you think here and directly to the White House here, about what you think of this council and the current state of men and boys. Nothing will change until our public officials begin to acknowledge the very real problems that men and boys are facing today.

Written by Kyle Lovett