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Finding the Alternative to "NO"..

One does not have to wonder hard what these children at the OWS (Occupy everything) were overdosed on. Their standard response to anything contained the standard feminist bullshit that we have come to expect from those dysfunctional children. What amazes me about all of this is that we get to witness first hand what happens to even a minuscule group of morons who adopt the feminist doctrine. It just does not work, it fails completely and comprehensively. Not only is that mentality, hypocritical and dysfunctional, it also refuses to deal with issues that requires a firm hand and actually (gasp) some leadership, community control relegated to committees is about as affective as saying no to a child who has already knocked off the biscuits. These unconscionable wimps would spend more time assessing the many reason why they should not interfere than they it would actually take in saying the one single word that does not offers any alternative, the big, bad and banned "NO", it's just not part of their vocabulary..

One example comes to mind, when a staff member spent ten minutes justifying her reason for coming to work in a top that one would wear for a night out and wearing open toe sandals, was met with a resounding "NO' and sent home to change. That one single word works wonders..

It's all a joke, when one protesting group at one location  has 88 committees to try and deal with every possible real and imaginary situations. Committees take minutes and waste hours and always compromise to the most offended..

Like I said originally, it's a comedy, a distraction and a great example on what not to do..

Free Speech, Hypocrisy and Rights to Life itself.

While assorted lefties and loonies 'occupy' public places with little objection by 'authorities' the occasional protests by small groups against abortion, that is, killing the yet to be born, are 'moved on' because they 'stigmatise'.

Freeman-Greene cites a study which shows that women going to the killing centres feel uncomfortable about the protestors: “70 per cent felt stigmatised by them”. 
Of course they feel stigmatised. A group of peaceful anti-slavery protestors holding pictures of poor abused black people would also make slave buyers feel stigmatised as well.
In the same way showing pictures of bloodied and battered baby seals makes the seal killers feel stigmatised. That is the whole idea: to raise public consciousness about these bloody activities. 
If a woman feels guilty about going to an abortion mill, perhaps that is a very good thing indeed. It shows us that she is still a real person with a conscience.
It is only when the conscience gets fully deadened that such guilt and shame no longer can produce the desired effect. Guilt and shame are inbuilt warning devices, seeking to alert us to a course of action which must be reversed, and pronto.

The 'Occupy' crowd is not at all like the pro-life movement: Most people see a difference between permanently occupying a public place which makes it inaccessible to others, and occasionally congregating on a footpath that still remains accessible. 
(P. Yet one lot is lauded by the leftie press while the other is vilified.)
The irony, of course, is that the great mantra of the pro-abortion movement, about the 'integrity' and control that a woman should have over her body, does not seem to apply to those who have an opposing view.

H/t Percy..