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Normally, these type of comments from biased females as well as feminists with an axe to grind, end up in the bin, not worth the pixels to even read. But here it is waxing lyrical with insults and misandric rantings..

ELLIE said...
Spoken by a man. Leave it to a man to have no concept of the words "emotionally draining". Physically, moms have it easy. No extraordinary heavy lifting or risking lives...but if you think nurturing isn't' work, being emotionally present for your children isn't work, being a personal chef, busboy, housecleaner, conflict resolution expert, cleaning up vomit, pee, poop...doing all of that with no days off, no pay, no glory, no 401k...maintaining patience in the face of constant need...if you don't think that's one of the hardest jobs out there, you're a moron.
The problem with these type of comments is that it only demonstrates how ignorant and arrogant these type of females really are. Automatically assuming that because it's a woman, only she is capable of nurturing even though I have already demonstrated beyond argument and any possible denial, on more than 100+ different posts, included studies and research, that not all "moms" are natural nurturers, the child abuse and child murder statistics clearly demonstrates. Check that for yourself on any recognised government statistics site.  I''ll wait.............

The assumptions Ellie makes is just another indication on how women are generally incapable of recognising the fact that not only do men actually have feelings and are capable of emotions which she denies, plus we are quite capable of caring and raising children without the usual outrage, whining and hysterics demonstrated by the above. Not that it cares or would even be capable of recognising it, as you can see by the outraged response to this article , one by our talented Bill Burr (a comedian and a MAN ofcourse) in response to "Oprah's "all women are victims" misandric ravings. Bill puts his special comical spin to it and anyone with a sense of humour, would see the lighter side of that sketch..

But not the number one "you don't know how hard I have it", Ellie..

The other assumption made by this trawler is that she assumes that I have had nothing to do with raising my own five children, five kids Ellie, not just one. Kids that I raised, successfully into adulthood, without placing blame or bitching to other people on how hard it all was..

Ellie prefers to be in some way "offended". But, it is the way it is, childishness and immature behaviour reigns supreme. Well done Ellie, you basically demonstrate all those attributes plus throw in some additional "victimhood" messages, you poor thing you..