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Feminism's Criminal Element.

We are Watching Feminists and Waiting..
As John states in this video, plus as I have demonstrated and stated here repeatedly, feminism is hardly a benign, considerate or even remotely helpful movement as we have continually demonstrated. The "Spin Sisters" side of that extremist organisation is currently running rampant on the web, plotting and scheming their way through a program they want to introduce that will reduce the male population to 10%.

I have in my possession, copious examples, in the way of comments, discussions, site information, names of the perpetrators and plenty more information that will have you reeling in disbelief. It is akin to being present at conversations prior to Kosovo or Rwanda or that other cleansing method that was used over seventy years ago..
It was unthinkable at that time and it is unthinkable now. One does wonder what level of hate these women have introduced into society in order to plan it's destruction without so much as a second though to the survivors or the people affected. Demonstrating again that the feminist ideology is destructive to both sexes..

The whole issue has to be taken seriously for that reason and I will wait before exposing those rabid lunatics for a more opportune moment. A moment that will ensure maximum exposure plus one that the MSM can no longer ignore, copious copies have been circulated for this reason..