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A follow up on my previous post on this situation where Bieber faces three issues that the MM and MRA's have been exposing for some time..

1. Any woman can make a false claim and the media will automatically expose the individual involved without having been proven guilty or culpable. The woman's word is held to be sacrosanct even with the ever increasing and overwhelming evidence that most paternity claims exposed in the media today are false.

2. Any male has to prove he has been wrongly accused instead of it being the other way around..

3. The false accuser will walk away from this incidence with no accountability, she will also benefit  in most cases, assisted by the MSM and paid for the story..

This entire episode is ofcourse a miscarriage of so-called justice. The entire incidence is just another example on how women again demonstrate what a joke this whole system has become and how tiresome it is as well. It is now at the stage that whenever anyone even reports a false paternity claim or even a rape, the automatic response is "what is she lying about this time"..

Justin Bieber paternity lawsuit dropped

Updated: 22:47, Wednesday November 16, 2011

Justin Bieber paternity lawsuit dropped

The woman who accused Justin Bieber of fathering her four-month-old son has dropped her paternity lawsuit.
Mariah Yeater, 20, had alleged she became pregnant with the 'Baby' singer's child following a 30-second romp after one of his concerts in Los Angeles in October 2010 and although Justin - who vehemently denied the claims - had agreed to a paternity test, the suit was quietly withdrawn late last week, according to
Mariah's lawyers Lance Rogers and Matt Pare have also stopped representing her after Justin's attorney Howard Weitzman warned Mariah they were planning to sue her and her legal representatives for making false claims.
Justin - who is dating Selena Gomez - previously revealed he was happy to take a DNA test to prove his innocence but insisted he would not 'waste' his time meeting his accuser face-to-face because her fabricated claims were vindictive.
The 17-year-old pop star said: 'All this stuff is dealt with by my legal team. But if they want me to (take a paternity test) then I will.'
When asked what he would say to Mariah if he could meet her, he said: 'Nothing, I wouldn't waste my time. I guess (she's done this) for attention, but it's not something I am interested in. These people are not worth my thought or time.'