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Feminists demonstrates once again what a hate movement it really is as well as demonstrating this by  promoting murder, violence and hate. One wonders where they are being funded from to spread this poison. One does have to also wonder how the hell these people are getting away with promoting murder, violence and hate..

Here again is another example of what happens to a country (Sweden) that absorbs that hate movement and what will happen when they push too far and the expected response begins. Who will then put up their hand and admit they may well have pushed their doctrine way too far..

What sort of sick people are they..

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Free from Valerie Solanas SCUM Manifesto 
There is a need for someone who refuses to compromise. You can not be objective or neutral, the need for a counterweight, a mental liberation. "Because man is an imperfect woman he spends his whole life trying to complete himself, to try to become a woman." Everything you thought before was a publicity stunt. Your life is based on a true story that actually is propaganda. Society for Cutting Up But can help you to expand the limits of your imagination, provoke a psychosis. The system destroyed the best from within, insidious. We need to get into the monster's belly and cut it up from within. We've been through it all and is now ready for a new show, are you?Solana operates with man's history, makes sharp observations, draws everything to a head, and even longer to be able to dream about the future of the world. Our belief is an intellectual experiment, and also an art. SCUM is an attack on our habits, our gender roles and the way we view the world. We make up our history to create our future. With high pulse, direct address and sharp humor conveyed the text uncompromising. A claim - a nice show - an attack. And a festive atmosphere will surround it. 
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We work in a process where we are involved in each subject area, from idea to finished works. We are committed to each art form to be able to stand on its own (eg, lighting design as a light installation and marketing of a performance), but where each art form is also part of a whole and inspire each other. 
Directed by Josephine von Zeipel Segerberg  
On stage: Elin Danielsson, Ellen Lindhagen, Sara Östebro, Mathilda Bordin, Kaisa Liisa Beach, Mathias Kedfors, Rasmus Pohl Östebro Costume: Sofia Olsson  
Set Design: Emma Orn  
Sound Design and Technology: Patrik Boström, Johnny Karhinen, Niklas Ångman, Maja Östebro  
Lighting Design and Technology: My Persson, Isabelle Oldenqvist Music: Kajsa Poidnak Trailer: Johan Wik  
Text Processing and dramaturgy: Ellen Lindhagen, Sara Östebro  
Projections: Johnny Karhinen, Maja Östebro, Sara Östebro  
Marketing: Ellen Lindhagen, Sara Östebro, Ia Olsson , Maja Östebro  
Website and Poster: Johnny Karin, Niklas Ångman  
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