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They can afford to pay more tax, not starving..
The endless efforts by feminists to reduce the taxation levels for women should in reality be increased. The entire taxation system should be the "User Pays" method. When one has a look at the payments governments hand out to organisations that benefit women only and in that we would have to include all foreign countries as well (Aus. Gov. Foreign Office pays $4B per year, most goes overseas to assist women only). Align that amount to the amount spent specifically on the female sex every year and that argument would definitely gain ground..

They have Women's Hospitals, also Women's Health Departments plus Offices for Women, Women's Shelters, as just four examples where equality amongst the sexes is non-existent. There are no Men's Hospitals or Health Departments as far as I am aware, anywhere in the western world or even in the entire world..

Women's Legal Services are available as well as Women only speciality services. Have a look at your own government websites including Health, Education, Training and Free Courses available to women only..

Women are paid all government payment directly into their accounts where children are concerned..

The genuine version..
We have special laws in place where only women are employed. The Federal Government stated over five years ago that they would employ a majority of women regardless of male applicants, experience or ability and this applies right across all businesses as they must report directly to the Office for Women on the ratio of male to female employees, every year..

Bear also in mind that women are now becoming the highest paid employees as Universities and Education Departments cater specifically to their needs alone..

So in all fairness and honesty, users must pay for the services they receive..