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How the Oppressed Became the Oppressor..

Feminists would be the last on this planet to admit that their so called fight against an imaginary oppressor is actually creating an oppressed minority and that they are responsible. I have already heard the howls of disbelieve from those male haters as they are still living in the past, about early 19th century, as they continually and without cessation, doom all men and boys to a world of poverty and lower education. No one needs to remind anyone of the fact that men are in the highest level of unemployment for the first time in decades and also that women enjoying their positions in government departments or government backed jobs especially created for them, do not share that same misery and debilitating uncertainty..

They have targeted all males and ensured their place in society is and will be regulated to third person status while justifying their action with the claim that all men are responsible when they are well aware of the fact that men are mostly just work fodder for the elites and that includes women elitist as well..

Neither do I have to explain the fact that the majority of students at college and Universities are females, they are deliberately holding back male students by allowing more females into colleges and Uni. by keeping to that ever decreasing level for male students well below the level of female students. It's not a matter of no interest, it's a matter of deliberately bypassing males to ensure their quota of females are met..

For every dollar spent on the well being of men and boys, ten times more is spent on women via special programs, unlimited assistance and relentless effort in introducing more privileges while at the same time ensuring that all men and boys are libelled, denigrated and humiliated at every turn. Apart from those obvious facts, they wonder why we are pissed off to such a degree that we dare to speak up and actually mention those issues while the feminist movement declares that men's issues are irrelevant and unnecessary..

Jobs Bill excludes men

The American Jobs Act, which President Obama sent to Congress two weeks ago, is vital for our country’s women. It would keep 280,000 teachers — most of them women — from losing their jobs due to budget cuts. It would put hundreds of thousands of unemployed women back to work. It would put more money in the pockets of almost 80 million working women, by cutting their payroll taxes next year. As the president has said, Congress has a responsibility to pass this bill.