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Man on trial over breast slicing
Zoe Hancock | November 9th, 2011
A FORMER Gold Coast security guard is on trial for allegedly slicing open his girlfriend's breasts to try to remove the implants that he partially funded.
So where do we start from here ?

Do we behave the same as those women did and have a riotous afternoon of fun and frolic on main stream television, laughing ourselves silly and recommending how we should all threaten or undertake this type of action in the future to any female who may cause us some issues !!

How about an articles in main stream media and ridiculing the victim by suggesting that the individual must have done something wrong and deserved it because she was thinking about changing partners!!

Why don't we suggest that maybe he should have chopped them both off and either tossed them into a garbage disposal unit or tossed them both into the river or better still, feed them to the neighbour's dog!!

Want to know why we do not get our rocks off gloating over this type of disgusting behaviour ?

Because it's beneath our dignity to do so..