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Hang on, I haven't finished laughing yet....................

I did read a couple of years back when someone made the comment that "in order to get rid of alimony payments, all you to do is to make women pay it". Never a truer word spoken. Watch now, as they howl and scream about the unfairness of a system that actually demands (gulp) women pay their way. I know, it's a first, but they had better get use to it.
The fact that men get stripped of their assets on a daily basis and reamed by a "female friendly" family court is apparently totally irrelevant again. We are apparently not following the "women are more equal" rule and changes will have to be made to readjust everyone's "misogynistic" misogyny, as well as attitude..

Everyone already knows that a woman's money is her own and that a man's money is a women's money because if a man's money was already the woman's money then there would be no issue at all, so there is no confusion at all. See, logical..

The rise of manimony: Meet the women making huge sacrifices to pay thousands in alimony to their former husbands.

Wait, let me get the tissues first - The ever reliable, consistently lying feminists come to the party once again with their usual hypocritical commentary as they ramp up the "women are such victims" hysteria once again. I thought the "Gravity Affects Women the Most" was funnier, but stay with me here..

When novelist Milly Johnson divorced her  husband it was an apparently straightforward split. She kept the family home, got custody of their young sons and her maintenance payments came to about £1,000 a month.A fairly modest sum, you might think, when you factor in the expense of clothing, feeding and raising two boys.Except this was not money Milly received from her husband, but financial support she was paying to him. The 47-year-old mother of two found herself in the unexpected, but increasingly common, position of having to pay alimony — or ‘manimony’ as it has been dubbed — to her cash-strapped ex-husband after their marriage broke down.
I won't bore you with the rest as I will leave it up to you to check it out further if you like. But the surprising response here is that I actually could not give a damn about the entire issue, to be perfectly honest. I am so sick to death about "women having it hard" that my "don't give a stuff" meter is buzzing and amazingly enough, I would think that society in general has had a gut-full of it as well. Well the more intelligent one's that is. Those magazines are filled with this type of rubbish and they will still be purchased, sold and read..

All they need to do now is to "Woman Up"..

I rest my case..