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Let's put the blame precisely where it belongs. The behaviour in the article below is a direct consequence of feminism and the outcome of their doctrine. Their experimentation has totally failed and yet they demand that more and more of their society hating doctrinal policies be adopted, according to their mutilated thought processes..
We have already witnessed how successful the feminist doctrine has been by viewing that SCUM manifesto video where young females shoot a man in cold blood, lick the blood off his head and then go into voluntary rapture..
 It's disgusting, offensive, it promotes hate, murder and worst of all, relegates all males, including your husbands, sons and male relatives, to fodder for anyone's removal, their lives are worthless. Sexism and discrimination is now practised by those exact people who claim to want to remove it. Hence their hypocrisy is so easily exposed..The Feminist doctrine just does not work..The article below demonstrates another side of feminist intrusion into society and it's detrimental effect..

Woman Attacked By Four Thugs, Witnesses Walk Away

The obvious issues that feminists fail to explain coherently is the fact that their sole effort at pointing out the wrongdoings of men (a minority of law breakers) only solidifies society's negative  attitudes against all men. Their endless promotion of all things wrong on this planet being Man's fault is not only a total beat-up, but also a downright lie. To blame one sex for the wrong of both is another way feminists denigrate and humiliate men and boys in order to raise the undeserved supremacy level of women. They promote an entire sex to be seen as incapable of wrongdoing even though it is clearly not the case. If you were honest about where the world is heading and why there are so many issues being placed at men's efforts only, one should reassess the consumer entitlement mentality on this planet. I don't have a 1000 stores flogging my fashions and accessories, so lets just put that issue where it belongs, in the waste basket of the feminist female supremacist entitlement mentality..

The other issue was, in the past, the older males would sort out the younger males when the occasion presented itself, what was right and wrong. They did not give them a dirty look or stare, nope, they were told face to face in no uncertain terms that their behaviour was unacceptable, it happened to me when got a bit too lubricated when I was younger, lesson learnt. Men do not operate in secret or waste time sending signals like women do. We do not understand that action at all. The average male just wants it laid out in the open and told plainly about any issues that has surfaced. The authority the older males had on the younger generation is now gone as ongoing feminists restructuring and redesigning men's attitude and behaviour without replacing it with anything with practical  or working alternatives. Everybody is now totally confused and no one knows where they stand or what is acceptable behavior..

It's gone, killed off with the burying of chivalry, which women supported and now want back without compensation. The general social contract between men and women has been rent twain, put asunder What will replace it is anyone's guess, but it is explained in the above article and feminists cannot wait to point the finger of blame when they know damn well that they are the cause of it to begin with..

Feminism does not work, it fails in every respect. They are just playing their ridiculous games, their experiment, and if that is allowed and nurtured, then you had better prepare yourself for the worse as nothing as far as I can see will stop that..

To be continued...

Coming up soon, watch how we expose the feminist end goals and their illegal efforts where they determine, in their inevitable timeframe, where they want society to head and how they aim to achieve their goals. That upcoming exposure, that callous goals and aims will send shivers down your spine..