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What a liar looks like..
 Everyone, even those blessed with brain damage, would be aware of feminists endless efforts to ridicule and denigrate men for any reason, making hysterical claims that only women really work and men are really just hangers on has finally been exposed to be another grand lie. Feminists have demonstrated again, by their ongoing efforts at claiming that the poor dears just spend so much time working, child minding and working all types of hours, that it would embarrass a workaholic..

This false claim gave feminists and their mindless ilk the opportunity to concentrate all their efforts by falsely claiming that men do not or ever have, helped around the home. As a matter of fact, the whole issue was so bad that they have spent millions (not feminists but feminist based departments like the Office for Women, wasting taxpayers dollars) studying this nonsense just to get in some male bashing mileage. Just like the AGW lies are coming to grief, so are the feminist lies and exaggerations..

The most amazing issue here is that feminists actually claim to give a damn, that would be the most  relevant outcome as they have already demonstrated that they hate the family situation as well as any woman being situated so close to a kitchen, any kitchen, is regarded as a heresy as far as they are concerned. Yep, the hypocrisy reaches in there as well..

Combating myths of women's work is a full-time job
Bettina Arndt
November 23, 2011

Apparently, the poor dears are so overworked that most of the Restaurants, Fashion Boutiques, Coffee Shops and Hairdressing Salons will have to close as they just cannot find the time to attend any of those necessary functions. All major shopping centres will be closing as well as the poor dears will just not have time to shop because they are falling asleep on their feet, from exhaustion..

Oh, but wait..

Last week yet another report was released showing that many Australians feel under time pressure. Race Against Time, produced by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, ticked all the usual boxes, showing everyone running around chasing their tails due to increased work hours and highlighting women's concerns about unequal contributions to childcare and housework.
The spin was remarkable. ''With many already time squeezed, women are less satisfied than men with their partner's contribution towards childcare and housework,'' the report said. But it turned out only 35 per cent of women were not satisfied with dad's contribution to childcare. Get that? It means most women, two-thirds, were happy. Given the bad press men constantly receive over this issue, why isn't that the story?
Women were asked how they felt about the contribution of partners to unpaid work, but naturally there was no mention of whether men felt it was fair that they do roughly three times the paid work of their partners. The report quotes the number of hours people spend commuting - an average of nearly six hours a week in Sydney and five in Melbourne - but there was no attempt to find out whether men, the group more likely to put in these long commutes, think this is a great deal.
Oh yes ! the difference between male bashing, bullshit and spin, draws a very thin line as you can read..

It is extraordinary how often reports such as these bang on about old chestnuts such as housework inequity, while ignoring the real story about men, women and work. Race Against Time fudges the data on women's workforce participation to imply more women feel time pressured through juggling more hours in paid work. But the truth is much more interesting.
One of the most stubborn characteristics of the Australian workforce is women's rejection of full-time work. The Australian National University economist Bob Gregory sums up the data: ''Despite the rapid increase in education levels, despite large changes in social attitudes towards married women working in the labour market, despite large increases in labour market rewards and despite increased labour market involvement, the proportion of women 15 to 59 employed full time is much the same as it was 35 years ago.''
It is 10 years since Gregory first raised this issue, but most commentators are still determined to pretend women are flocking into the workforce. A recent paper in the journal Public Policy by the Curtin University social researcher Alan Tapper, ''Has there been a revolution in women's work?'', quotes numerous experts who claim radical change. Tapper provides the evidence that the answer is a resounding no.
Women's labour force participation rates have almost doubled since the mid-1960s, from 33 per cent to 58 per cent, but these figures include women looking for work as well as those doing only a few hours a week. The reality is women's weekly work rate has increased by just over an hour a decade - as shown by Tapper's analysis of data on average weekly work hours from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
He cites Time Use data to show there has been no rising trend in women's work activity over the past 30 years - the revolution never happened.
The only positive from this story is that one can never believe any article from any University or NGO, to tell the truth about anything regarding the feminist induced, "sex wars". All that does is introduce another male bashing opportunity and one that feminists have taken each and every time. All to no avail as once again they have been exposed for being the liars they really are..

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