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The Feminist's Redstocking Manifesto..

Over the past week I have come across this title and wondered whether or not I actually knew anything about it. I realised that I should brush up as I, quite honesty can say that I have not come across this recently, so a little study was in order.
This Manifesto from the outset could be viewed as feminisms version of the "Human Rights Charter" only you replace the word human with "woman", as they are only ever interested in their own sex and how much they can get out of it. This manifesto is pure feminist hyperbole, it's only emphasis ,which I could tell was that "feelings" are the first and only consideration that feminism should concentrate on and what a subject that is. The manifesto ofcourse waxes lyrical about the usual "It's all men's fault" and that goes without even saying it, but this bit of hysterical naivety emphasises precisely where the feminist hegemony has and will be headed in the future..

The "feelings" stage has already delivered a copious amount of results that ensures whenever any woman "feels", someone has to pay and you can guess which that someone is. The "feelings" manifesto already plays a major part in the continued jailing of men via false rape charges and fake sexual assault charges, false child abuse charges, false sexual child abuse charges, parental alienation, etc...etc.. It is also responsible for such illegal and draconian government introduced bills as the "Safe at Home" legislation (Pdf) which at the moment is being played out in one of Australia's smallest state of Tasmania, where this legislation is already responsible for 50% plus of men being jailed at the behest of women's feelings. This legislation includes such childish inclusions as "if you "feel" threatened" you can call the local constabulary and have the culprit who has instigated that "feeling" change to be arrested and jailed, served with a one year AVO without any chance or possibility of fighting or demanding a court appearance to prove you are innocent, his rights are totally discounted. Those feelings do not require any witnesses in order for it to be corroborated, no lie detector test to be determined if in fact it's true or just lies. Nope, all it needs and requires is for the "woman" to make one single phone call and automatic arrest and incarceration follows, guaranteed..

That is the power women have today, that is what feminists (feminist Judy Jackson) have installed and determined to be a jail worthy punishable offence. This is just a small inclusion in that Redstocking Manifesto that feminists are following down to the last letter and in it's application have maligned, denigrated and stamped any rights any man had in the past (human rights laws) into the ground..

Feelings, as the title of multiple versions of the songs are named do not even closely resemble the utter and complete nastiness that feminists and their enablers have instigated into society but it does indicate that marxism and feminism rides in the same barrel and the suckers who support feminism support their own slippery ride into the new version of old communist Russia's inane existence into their own country..

Also that Redstocking Manifesto despises the gay community, which is an interesting turn of events as they now line up to pay homage just to get them onside. Hypocrisy has never been resisted in that movement either..

My journeyman Fidelbogen explains it some more..