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If someone had of told me that feminists were actually comedians I would have replied "you must be pullink my leg", feminists are to comedy what Obama is to equality. But on the odd occasion their antics do shine and could be misconstrued as comedy. Have a look at this little bit of humour..

Women bloggers call for a stop to 'hateful' trolling by misogynist men

See that, it's laughable. Here we have feminists demonstrating their usuall hypocrisy, raising an issue they "feel" is going to give them some mileage. Obviously this feminist has not bothered checking feminist sites, such as the previous sites listed here in previous articles. One such lovely feminist site calls for the extermination of all but 10% of the entire male population. That is just one example that comes to mind. Take a look at the misandry and hate mongering at such notable feminastie sites as feministing or take your own pick and view how those nasty feminists respond to anyone who dares even mention  the following -

a. That women are more equal than others.
b. Suggest that maybe the female population has no limitation on it's demands..

..And watch the vitriol and male bashing reach a crescendo. I told you they were comedians, but it's one way only. While once again trying to raise the misandry level as feminists have been concentrating on for years, we once again witness that feminists just don't get it. Their doctrine has no escape clause that allows some type of boiling point apparatus to kick in, no sunset clause. Some level for measuring that they have gone way too far in their pursuit of additional and endless privileges for themselves and the entire female population at  the cost of men and boys. They are apparently totally unaware of the fact that the HATE level Feminist have introduced into society is now coming back and biting them in the arse and as usual, they scream, VICTIM..

Feminists will now reap what they have sown and they will continue to do so while pursuing their endless misandric demands. Their refusal at accepting their own callous greed and refusal to accept that this is exactly what they themselves have created, will eventually, if ever, dawn on them. Probably not too soon from the look of this article promoted once again by that feminist mouth piece "the Guardian"..

"You reap what you sow", is not part of the feminists restructured thinking paradigm while they once again claim ignorance and falsely claim that they have done nothing wrong..

Meanwhile, let them moan, whinge and complain. This will continue and arc up ever further as they continue their attacks on man and boy. What else did those male haters expect ?

An award presentation to congratulate them for the destruction of society and the endless maligning of the male sex..
See, comedians..

No link to feminist victimhood princess..