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Traitors of Men

Traitors of Men is a new blog exposing those male misanthropes who "feel" compelled to stab their own sex in the back under the guidance and direction of female feminists. Those delusional traitors have decided that their own sex is solely responsible for anything that women moan and bitch about. A bit like a child complaining about the cookie jar being empty..
Nothing in my opinion is worse or sets a lower standard for anyone than a male feminist. One fails to comprehend how a male can actually promote anything feminine and pretend to empathise on issue when they would no be able to comprehend how a female mind works, her  thoughts, her acts, I wonder how they would compensate for those monthly events, make them up as well.
They confess to being of one mind with females as feminists, sensing their needs and worries, delving the mysteries of their endless suffering and pain while enduring...(I have to stop there as even I am making myself sick) this whole charade is downright ridiculous..

I can understand why female feminists hate and loathe those female pretenders, those same individuals continually bashing their own sex and one wonders what their reward would really amount to. Do they phone in every week to the NOW Head Office for a customary "good boy", congratulational comment or do they actually personally appear for some gratuitous praise from the same lips who want them dead and gone. Having exposed feminists over the last week recommending that genocide would be a practicable answer to reduce the male population down to anywhere near 10 to 30% of the current  population, may actually cause them some mirth. In their confused state

 ofcourse, they would be spared as they are one of them. The chosen..
They obviously didn't get the memo!..

Traitors of Men..

Josh Jasper: Still Up To His Old Tricks

Back in February, Paul Elam and A Voice For Men rightfully targeted an Iowan feminist stooge named Josh Jasper for creating a disgusting local TV commercial which portrayed baby boys as potential rapists. In response, Jasper claimed that he had "re-evaluated" his core values andpromised to not neglect male victims of violence and abuse in the future.
Not unexpectedly, a cursory glance at his blog reveals that Jasper has failed to live up to his word. In a late September entry, he summarizes the backlash against him like this:
Jasper received literally hundreds of intelligent, reasonable comments criticizing his baby rapist commercial. He chose to ignore every single one of them and instead recounts only "death threats from around the planet". (Somehow, whenever a particular feminist is heavily criticized by men's rights supporters, mysterious, unseen death threats are sure to be involved.) It appears that victim fetishes are not confined only to female feminists.
I started the year receiving death threats from around the planet due to a commercial that I created that spoke of ending men’s violence against women.

H/t Fidelbogen, The Counter Feminist..