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I, like yourself, do not have to look far to witness the total hypocrisy that we have been fed by feminists over the years, in order to understand what manner of lies they expect us to believe. The doctrine they want us to accept is so flawed as to make one shake our collective heads in bewilderment. It does take an exceptional effort on the part of the listener, viewer and reader to wonder what level of cognitive dissonance one has to endure to demand your thought processes to accept it. It contradicts all level of reason and integrity, we were raised to be honest, just and righteous were we not..
Feminism's claim that we are the product of our environment has been totally refuted by their own doctrine. It is blatantly obvious to them that the sexes are different, they find it necessary to change one sex according to their dysfunctional mindset and assist the other to achieve their misguided substitute. Both men and women have been told that their lives and existence on this planet is somehow been corrupted by the thought processes of both. In their opinion, everyone should not be identifiable as being any different from the other. No sexes, just one sex..

One wonders why anyone would want to find alternatives to the feminist mind think. What demands anyone to search the web for an alternate view without realising that they sense something is amiss,  what they have been forcefully told to believe. I went through that same sensation in the early nineties when I witnessed the endless male-bashing efforts by what appeared to me to be, normal women. Their endless efforts at telling me that my behaviour and the way that I live was toxic to their way of thinking. After witnessing a comprehensive staged effort by feminists to malign and castigate all men and boys, not only did I come to the conclusion that beauty was actually only skin deep, but those women who mouther those hateful and unnecessary epithets designed to wage a war, also demonstrated that those same females were being cunningly manipulated to express a view that was totally foreign to me and probably to themselves as well (not realising the outcome)..

The comparison between the manipulation of science in the AGW debacle, has many comparisons and implications to the "war of the sexes" meme, they ensured that their unscientific methodology received exposure and also lived in the hope that by manipulating the facts, changes could be made by coercion and appealing to future imaginary conditions. Denying the bleeding obvious by introducing exaggeration and lies had worked well there and it should work for feminism as well. In the long term, people are made to look amateurish and stupid, sycophantic, lacking a thought process and excepting any lunatics claims, I thought we had outgrown that. People demonstrated how easily they could be manipulated and controlled, their thinking could be carefully directed in whatever direction those dictators wanted without having any indication what affect it would have on future thought and behaviour, or on the generations to come. They will have to deal with it..

Right now we can witness clearly the hate and vengeance feminism has wrought on both men and women. The overall affect it has had on society is staggering, look at Sweden for a good example of what will happen if you allow that poison to take hold and give it authority to behave the way it does. It's the "power corrupts completely" statement that can be applied here without any fear of contradiction..

When an infectious doctrine like feminism is allowed to spread and infect all exposed, then why bother with religion, philosophy or history, if they are not used to argue against this blight, this scourge. Historically, people have resisted this level of tyranny by spilling their blood but here we have a malign influence, ignored by the lack of action by the majority of people to fight against it. If you were of the opinion that life sucks now, wait until we have the same situation they live and promote in Sweden, where feminists have been given carte blanche, allowed to carry out their heinous,  hypocritical assault on human rights and personal freedom, without bothering to study it's inevitable outcome. Feminism has no answers to that because it is an experiment, an experiment where the outcome is presumed but not tested, argued, justified or researched. One cannot research anything when one does not have comprehensive, revisable scientific facts with a copyable process to test the theories and hypothesis. In the case for feminism this would indeed be impossible as their entire theory is just that and it's outcome is presumed. Hardly a way forward is it. Living a presumption is what the people in the Roman Empire did "they were unbeatable"..

That has apparently been left to future generations to work out and deal with. Anyway, enjoy your breakfast, mine was enjoyable..