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The generation of young women drowning in debt

I had to check my "Do I Give A Shit" meter when I finished reading this bit of non-startling news and it just did not register anything. Not unusual though as it is a feisty contraption, prone to analysing and probing reality where occasionally none can be found. It probably realised that the privileged princesses were more prone to suck off those plentiful government jobs created just to allow them to pay off their excessive credit card expenditure. A function that was usually left to the men as they tried to curb that manic behaviour of their spouses with little or no success. But, leave them on their own, give them an income and watch the credit rates increase while pursuing that Gucci handbag that they just had to have or those 5 inch high heels that made them "feel" sexy was not ridiculous at $ 400 as they were definitely worth it, in their opinion..

The good thing is that the country can continue to print money at whatever volume they want and bugger the inflation rate. That is not their problem now..

But moan and whine they will as they once again prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a woman out of control is precisely that..

The generation of young women drowning in debt as figures show insolvencies among under 35s soar

What does one say about the inevitable. All of you guys who have been associated with the opposite sex, either married, relationship or held one prisoner, would know precisely what I am talking about. Try and curb their spending habits and you have one major battle on your hands. It is as guaranteed as the sun rising tomorrow as unrelenting as her suffering from PMS this month..
Half of Britons being plunged into insolvency are women, the highest proportion since records began, a report revealed yesterday.It predicts official figures, which will be published tomorrow, will show women account for nearly 50 per cent of all insolvencies in England and Wales for the first time in history.Experts say they fear it is proof that women have paid the biggest price for the recession, with hundreds of thousands losing their jobs. 
More than one million women in Britain are unemployed, with numbers growing by around 500 a day, amid warnings of worse to come.Many women who do have a job are frustrated because they have been forced into part-time work, which is typically badly paid.Women also account for around two-thirds of the State workforce, which means they have been more affected by the Government’s cull of the public sector.The report, from accountancy firm RSM Tenon, predicts tomorrow’s figures will show women make up a record 49.2 per cent of all insolvencies. Insolvencies include bankruptcies, individual voluntary arrangements and a new type of insolvency called a debt relief order.
Watch how the feminists and their enablers try to pass the buck and make some spurious claim that somehow it must be someone else's fault as to why these spendthrifts are going down. It must be the government's fault or the taxpayer is just not paying enough to the princesses to enable them to work in their overpaid positions. There is obviously something wrong with society when woman cannot blow everything she has on trivialities. It's just so unfair..

 Oh, the good old days when denying money to those privileged princesses, just meant a simple NO and she could not claim verbal abuse/assualt/feeling damage or had grounds to divorce you for having that termirity. Those days are gone as we witness the inevitable decline of a sex who blossomed when she was held accountable but instead has turned into a Harridan or Medusa..

Regardless of the headlines and one part they intentionally and continually miss is the fact that regardless of the amount of females out of work, there are always more men out of work but that does not require any headline as no one really gives a shit. It is standardised acceptance, but anything that aplies to the princesses is ofcouse front page news. Detect any sexism or bias there, Anyone ?