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Valenti and Her mangina Clone..
Let's have a small look at how feminism has destroyed normal human behaviour and the relationship between the sexes..

1. Women, regardless on how you view it, with either feminist goggles or their tunnel visioned myopic viewpoint. Women want babies, it's not going to be reconstructed which is why feminist hysteria has not tried or bothered. But they have tried to stop women from procreating as they have two problems with it.
a. Producing an offspring would allow the female to become a full time mother. Feminists have already demonstrated how much they loathe motherhood (yet and hypocritically, give birth to children themselves in a family situation aka feminist hysteric and professional hypocrite Jessica Valenti)  and are trying to ensure that ALL children are dumped into the state's baby sitting service so they can control and segregate the sexes at will. Do not be disillusioned into believing that they actually give a damn. As far as radical feminists are concerned, your body is contaminated if you allow any sexual relationship with them loathed men. You are referred to as a "het" female, which already indicates your contamination level. They hate men that much.. 
b. Women flourish in a family situation where both parents are present. This is unarguable. Feminists encourage everything else but. Single mothers are the norm to such a degree that they are now regarded as "the family" and compensated by the feminist induced money trough via government largesse, which is ofcourse our hard earned tax dollars at work, to ensure this situation is ideal for the mother only. It is such a known fact that I do not even need to supply links or studies or facts, as you would have already worked all of this out already (skeptics can no longer deny it either). Feminists turn against their own whenever they promote abortions or single mothers as it is a doctrinal requirement and no face saving feminist will state otherwise for the fear of being rejected or facing  ..
Valenti and spawn..
Valenti's hypocritical actions are to be marvelled at and demonstrates again what their end goal is. Here we have a feminist who promotes a male hating ideology, who's goal is to malign and denigrate all men so as to change their very being by turning them into pretend females, a character that women per se, do not want any part of. So we have Valenti who spends her entire time time malignng all things male. Gets married and has a "BABY" ,which feminists in general have been fighting against and promoting as not being a choice and instead promoted that being married was akin to being in prison, motherhood is a jail sentence and to be avoided by any and all means. It's what feminism promotes and demands of it's enablers. So what does hypocritical Valenti do ?
The exact opposite of what her doctrine promotes and encourages, this female who has been promoting in opposition, all along. They say one thing and do precisely the opposite. I know, it's simply amazing..

One wonders why this, now neutral, has any credibility left at all ?..