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Occasionally, along comes some good news, akin to hearing that your favourite team has won, akin to winning a prize in any competition and it don't matter what it is as you never usually win a damn thing. Akin to reading that your worst enemy, the one who wishes your death and destruction, one who prefers you in jail or one when given the opportunity would spit on your grave. You know that one. Well, all together NOW...Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!
with Kim Gandy...
It does not look nice, feminism is expensive...
Deficit USD -368,496
For more details regarding the epicentre of the hate movement have a look here.. 
It would appear that the epicentre is running out of funds even though they falsely claimed in the past they have over 500,000 members, a boast that has never been proven or substantiated by a single fact. Knowing feminist's penchant for lying, exaggerations and total dishonesty, I would say they were extremely economical with the truth regarding that as well..

So a few of their favourite charities and propaganda agencies are suffering from a short fall in funding. I would have thought that NOW would just put out a call to their half a million phantom members and request a dollar from each as that would cover their outstanding debt, easily. If it were true..

What feminists demand will be that Obama pay the bills via taxpayers hard earned dollars just to prop that hate movement up as he has already done in the past. But that feminist schmuck, down in the pols, has to be a little more careful as he already ensured more men to be jobless and spent billions keeping women in theirs. Sexism much..

The list below has some other notables and I have included the Nat. Breast Council Foundation for a couple of reasons.
1. Breast cancer receives billions of dollars worth of government and corporate funding on a yearly basis yet Prostate Cancer (which kills as many men as breast cancer kills women) funding is totally ignored or given some token pocket change..
2. The reason for that is that this demonstrated greed is encouraged by women who basically do not give a damn about Prostate Cancer so I, return the complement..
Also the excessive funding received for breast cancer denies funding to Men and Children to cover any research or treatment for the diseases that affect them the most. So it's just pure unadulterated selfishness and greed on their part..
National Breast Cancer FoundationExcess (or Deficit) for the year: $1,920,470Net Assets: $7,616,413
AAUW - American Association of University WomenExcess (or Deficit) for the year: $256,771Net Assets: $111,911,193
National Women's Law CentreExcess (or Deficit) for the year: $936,544 Net Assets: $23,201,386
V-DayExcess (or Deficit) for the year: $2,317,989Net Assets: $5,036,537

And ofcourse we have an opportunity to award the Mangina awards© same time to this traitor and feminist mangina..

 Scott Berkowitz 

Berkowitz is the president and founder of RAINN, another feminist enabler who deliberately inflates the statistics on campus rape and sex. Contradicting the current facts and known studies that has completely dismissed their bloated and imaginary figures in order to introduce the new laws now applicable only to male students who will be prosecuted at the utterance of a false rape claim by any female student who may "feel" entitled to..