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I am not quite sure I fully comprehend what it is I am reading here. Is this an actual confession ?
This is why a growing number of young professional women who seem to “have it all” are burning out at work before they reach 30.
 I just cannot understand it. Were we not consistently told, no, make that screamed at by the feminasties, that "A woman can do anything a man can", apparently not according to this bit of news..
One rationale is that men are more likely than women to do things that help their personal wellbeing at work, thus negating burnout.
Now in order to get to the bottom of this, we would first have to look at what the poor dears are doing to work themselves to the bone.  How totally focussed women really are is that enormous that they forget all about their own needs, their personal health and wellbeing. Have you ever heard such meaningless crap before in your life. What a total cop out, what a total farce. The claim that women are so inclined to work so hard is just another way of saying that everyone on this planet is totally blind as well as deaf, throw in dumb as well..

Firstly, with all those hours she is supposed to spend "working", we have already heard on this site from the number one self confessing workaholic (I work so hard) Ellie, who apparently suffers from that same condition. When do those women fit in all those hours of social interactions, those hours she has to have with her friends, what about the hours it takes to have a massage, a manicure, a haircut, trim, colour, conditioning and extensions, when does the shopping get done for food, clothing, presents for birthdays and christmas or that special thank you note or card sent, emails to respond to and letters to write, it's just hell out there. When does she get all the time she needs to perform those tasks ?

Maybe she could explain why all those clothing and shoe boutiques, all those hairdressers, all those  copious other businesses that cater to women only can all survive if women are way to busy to take a lunch break during work hours. Also why every restaurant is filled with women just about every hour of every day..

Goodness me, how big a lie does one have to tell before the hair falls out or the nose begins to grow. What a pathetic excuse to bomb out of a working life, all they are doing now is delivering excuses..
 It seems relaxation is something Millennial women have never experienced. One reason that women are burning out early in their careers is that they have simply reached their breaking point after spending their childhoods developing well-rounded resumes. “These women worked like crazy in school, and in college, and then they get into the workforce and they are exhausted,” says Melanie Shreffler

Instead of just admitting that women are just not able to compete with men even when they have over compensated the playing field in favour of women, guaranteed them a job, guaranteed them a cruise through the education system and guaranteed them promotion after promotion at the expense of men. They now find that the poor dears are just not up to the hard yards and cop out at thirty..

That "thirty" figure appears everywhere for women. At thirty, they want to have a family, at thirty they have to settle down with some ATM so she can slack off for the next thirty to do her own thing. Thirty is now presumed to be the new "20" as they have wished, thirty is the date set for female retirement as far as I can see. Cop out and do the easy yards now that they have found out for themselves that working all hours just sucks, so let someone else do it. They have had enough, they don't want to play anymore..
I remember reading that female professionals like doctors retire at thirty after charging the country about 1.5 million dollars to train them, instead of a male. She gets trained, work a few years, retires, has kids. What a fantastic investment these women really are. What a bunch of princesses..

Professional Women “Burning Out” By 30

by W.F. PRICE on NOVEMBER 17, 2011

I guess the daydreams of Don Draper romancing them in his office aren’t panning out, and the reality is rather disappointing… Could it be that these professional millennial women really just don’t like spending all day with a bunch of other professional women?
If that’s the case, I guess they’re out of luck:
Simply quitting or changing careers isn’t an option because the education for their professional jobs has burdened them with substantial student debt. Also, while earlier generations may have opted out of the workforce through marriage or motherhood, these paths aren’t viable for these self-sufficient women, who either are still single or unwilling to be fully supported by men.
That last part about “unwilling to be fully supported by men” is a real howler. Most men their age couldn’t support them if they wanted to, and in general they don’t.
Women are burning out because they got what they asked for, and a lot of them are finding out (too late) that it wasn’t what they really wanted.
College is nothing more than a baby-sitting service. These students are totally unprepared for the real world. The reality for women who want to work in PR is that they are going to be working with 24 catty [women] who will backstab and compete with them. No one will say thank you. You will eat lunch at 5 p.m. It sucks and it’s hard work…


Yep, this is what they demanded, argued and bitched about and now that they have it all, they no longer want it. Typical female or what. One day they will actually make up their minds as to what they actually do want apart from just being a general pain in the rear. But I don't think I will live that long..