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Apparently ripping off one's clothes, flicking the switch and storing the end result on her phone was probably not the brightest idea one could take. The next dumb idea would be to make a political statements in the hope that the first action may be ruled out by the next..

Now what headliner could she use, one hysterical enough, to attract the appropriate attention. She found one..

Scarlett Johansson: ‘It Would Be Irresponsible’ Not to Support Obama
Yep! the Obama-noid's scurry round trying to justify another term for a President who has demonstrated clearly, his total and complete contempts for his fellow man including men of his own  colour. Obama installed a radical feminist "Women's" group to ensure and increase the privileges already in place at that time..
Johansson, who has been active in campaigning for various Democratic political leaders, including Barack Obama, tells Biskind that nearly one term later “we’re all guilty of being idealistic, I and everyone who voted for him.” But in response to being asked if she would work for him again, she says, “It would be irresponsible not to.”
Obama re-directed funds allocated to jobs that would have benefitted men as at that time the mancession was heading towards 10% of the workforce, he decided instead to allocate those billions to jobs employing the majority of women. If that was not enough, he also castigated all men about failing to care or to man-up for children, in what could only be seen as a statement, which could only have come out of his newly installed sexist and discriminatory "women's Office". Was broadcast world wide and once again demonstrating exactly where his priority lies..

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