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The Great Global Warming scam has surely and finally been uncovered for what it really was. A pot of gold at the end of the ever decreasing rainbow, instigated by the same lunatics who generated it from it's beginning. Even the epicentre of this farce, the IPCC, has backtracked and commenced their denial procedures and headed for the hills as they try and cover their butts. Gillard (feminist, female and fraud) has just positioned Aus. into this giant con with the introduction of a useless carbon tax via ignorance and stupidity. Another great example of what the world will be like when it's run by women. If anyone ever suggests that it will be a better world they need to do some history, maybe even visit some prisons and ask the latest genocide specialist why SHE (rape them before you murder them) enjoyed the annihilation of nearly a million people and how much of a kick she got from that..

Men are not excluded from this action(even though death and crime rate has dropped considerably)  but as sure as hell, women are no better at it either and the implication that women are saints and free of all guilt is something that needs to be put to rest as way too many feminist clones appear to be of this opinion. They need to grow up and smell that truth..

Meanwhile there appears to be some correlation between feminism and the great global warming scams that require some studies as well. The BBC in Great Britain has to be one of the most feminist controlled media outlets in the world, just ahead of the New York Times when it comes to male bashing and promoting anything derogatory about our sex. The NYT does employ that male hating cretin and ageing miscreant by the name of Maureen "don't need no man" Dowd. Dowd is a great example on how a female can not only display total hypocrisy by bashing all things male but then complain about not getting any attention or offers of partnership from our sex. The menopausal drone  is just another feminised minion and one of it's staunch enablers. Read just one of it's articles and you will automatically suffer grey cell damage as her dysfunctional ranting will immediately demonstrate it's cognitive dissonance..

The fact that the AGW crowd and the feminist movement reared it's nefarious head at roughly the same time does demonstrate that it's mentality stems from that same "flower power" mentality that claimed  "Woodstock" was more than just some sex orgy and drug users paradise. That same mentality kicked off that same mentality that both those extremes have generated world wide and it's commencement and promotion can well be nailed to those same people..

The AGW lie has been exposed and it's leaders and promoters are all heading for cover as the truth is revealed. The "sceptics" have soundly exposed those liars and exaggerators for what they really are, in it for the money. There is a lesson to be learnt from all of this and that lesson is that when we have truth is on our side, our cause is just and we will win. The opposing side of the AGW crowd has demonstrated that a concerted effort will bare fruit and that same methodology can be applied to the MM (Mens Movement) and to MRAs as well. Our concerted efforts will claim it's reward by exposing those liars and hold them accountable. It is for this reason that every one associated with the MM can hold their head high and claim effectiveness as we witness the gradual but increasing affect we are having on that monstrous hate movement, where it's leaders are starting to head for cover as well. The one clear fact is that feminism as a movement is not supported by the general public or society in general. They are a minute movement still screaming for recognition and justification but we are here to ensure they get precisely what they deserve..

To all in the MM, a hearty, well deserved pat on the back is justified and the work undertaken by all involved can be and should be congratulated on their efforts. It's a job well done, as our movement grows daily, we can witness it's affect and it's all positive but as we hear constantly from the opposition, we have a long way to go..

Back to GGWS..

The BBC's hidden 'warmist' agenda is rapidly unravelling 
Since 2006, the BBC has relentlessly promoted the global warming orthodoxy as a pressure group in its own right.The story of the BBC’s bias on global warming gets ever murkier. Last week there was quite a stir over a new report for the BBC Trust which criticised several programmes for having been improperly funded or sponsored by outside bodies. One, for instance, lauded the work of Envirotrade, a Mauritius-based firm cashing in on the global warming scare by selling “carbon offsets”, which it turned out had given the BBC money to make the programme.
Just as this scandal broke, I was also completing a report, to be published next month by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, on the BBC’s coverage of climate change. It ranges from the puffing of scare stories dreamed up by “climate activists”, to BBC reporting on wind farms, often no more than shameless propaganda for the wind industry. Part of the story told in my report is the unhealthily close relationship that developed between the BBC and organisations professionally involved in the “warmist” cause.
Some years back, the BBC adopted a new editorial policy –that the scientific and political “consensus” on climate change was now so overwhelming that it should be actively promoted, while climate sceptics, or “deniers” as the BBC calls them, should be kept off the airwaves.
A key moment in developing the new party line was a “high-level seminar” in 2006, attended by a bevy of top BBC executives. It was organised by Roger Harrabin, one of its senior environmental correspondents, and Dr Joe Smith, a geographer and climate activist from the Open University. They had set up the Cambridge Media and Environment Programme to promote the consensus line on global warming, funded by, among others, the Department for the Environment (then in charge of government policy on climate change) and WWF, one of the leading warmist pressure groups.

More on those shameless crooks..