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The craving for a baby that drives women to the ultimate deception

Ahhh!, Liz Jones. You would remember Liz Jones as being another one of those feminist Male Bashers from way back. You know the type, all men are bastards, all men are useless and all men should be castrated as nothing really justifies their existance. Just the usual and standard ranting we come to expect from those male haters and it's the same thing we still hear today. Feminists have that hate message down pat, they wallow in it as well as sprouting it daily..

I wonder if they will ever really comprehend that fact or whether their psychotic condition disallows any knowledge..

Liz has made the usual confession that feminists make when they reach forty, okay, some are way too thick or way too disillusioned to do that, I agree. But it does actually confess a few simple illegal actions she has undertaken in order to get pregnant as she felt it to be her "RIGHT" to be in that condition regardless of the decision her partners have already taken. Bearing in mind that any male co-existing with a feminist is definately far removed from manhood as one could get. In order to be involved with any feminist, one would have to remove his testicles and place them in her handbag before even considering any level of co-habitation. An effort fraught with endless penis comparisons and endless fighting over the mundane duties that one would have to do if one was living on their own. A much better option, then again, who would bother with a feminist anyway ?..

Back to the liar and swindler Jones.
Jones Confession - Anyone who meets me, or reads what I write, would think I don’t like children and never wanted to be a mother. Indeed, for most of my adult life, having a child was the furthest thing from my mind. I wanted a career, freedom, a nice house and to keep my figure. 
As a feminist, I looked down on mumsy types. But when I was in my late 30s, I decided that if I didn’t get pregnant soon then it might never happen. I had also reached a point in my life where I wanted to settle down with a man, and though my boyfriend at that time was wildly unsuitable, I thought that I could change him.
Yes, the looking down on Mumsy types is well documented here and it also clears up the fact that the feminasty movement hated that "Mumsy" type with a passion and would, if they could have, utterly destroyed it via doctrinal necessity but realised that the Mumsy types told em. what they could do with their attitude. Feminists backed off and made those Mumsy types their occasional hero and claimed the tag of "Supermom" in that process which has as much reality as their pending next therapy appointment..

Back to the sperm stealer and desperate housewife..
The ‘theft’ itself was alarmingly easy to carry out. One night, after sex, I took the used condom and, in the privacy of the bathroom, I did what I had to do.
Yep, sperm stealer and justifier..
I don’t understand why more men aren’t wise to this risk
 We are waking up to the deviousness of the female brain and also the plain catatonic behaviour of feminists, don't you worry..

Oh, it get better..
That’s why I believe men should be much more wary. Too many of them underestimate women; too many of them muddle along, swept up in the beady-eyed focus of the prospective middle-aged mum.And the lengths these women are willing to go to make my half-baked attempts seem amateur. One tells me she used secret hormone injections to make herself more fertile; another uses a clandestine ovulating chart kept in the tea towel drawer (a place she knows her husband never looks in).I spoke to another friend over the summer who told me she was trying to get pregnant with her fiancĂ©. She said: ‘I really want a year off work. I might even go part-time after that, maybe two days a week. He will just have to work harder.’
This would have the best advertisement as to why men should not marry but should avoid these lunatic women altogether. Have look at what it is they do. Check out how desperate they get and how much they really don't give a shit about your opinion or input or how they take you for granted. It is past unreasonable, past illogical, it is pure malice in the first degree and self interest everywhere else..

You, as far as they are concerned, you're just a sperm bank and an ATM who will eventually just pay for the ride of his life. A life that these women are determined to destroy purely for their own selfish reasons and interests. Are you not glad you have MRA's in this world to wizen you up to the behaviour and methodology that women have been using since time immemorial to trap and sap the life out of you for any and at every opportunity. We have arsewipes like Bill Bennett determined that you are shamed into forming a relationship with this maniacal, toxic and irrelevant human being who survives solely for screwing up your life..
It's just another example about how feminists have really no idea what it is they are doing and demonstrating once again what guinea pigs you really are. How many times do we have to have another one of these feminists explain it all before you actually understand that their doctrine is just some fantastic joke and their experiment has been proven to have failed..

Jones is just another part of the feminist fodder, collateral damage, no one gives a damn about..