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Pernod Sorbet..
Pernod Sorbet entree, main course of Coq au Vin, a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, for dessert an Expresso Cherry Trifle, discouraged any complaints at the end of the meal..

The fact that women can't cook should not be any revelation as it is no longer taught in schools as feminists aligned their fears of it being tied to the kitchen, like people don't eat. So now, we have about three generations of women incapable of boiling an egg, let alone be able to rustle up a quick toasted sammich..

Those culinary skills that our mothers and grandmothers had have totally disappeared, only to be replaced with tasteless tv dinners and quick cook, microwaved pasta, just add water and nuke for five minutes. The standard tradition in the past was to proffer food to anyone who came through the door and nothing beats a nice long dinner with a few friends, sharing a bottle or two of wine, especially in summer. Sadly those traditions are going out of style and replaced by visits to the local restaurants, rent a chef, pizza delivery, as cooking a meal is either just too time consuming or they are just too lazy to go through the effort..

One has to admit that the passion for cooking does rest more on the male than the female. I went to cooking school to brush up on my stocks, sauces and soups as I was of the opinion that I could do it  better. Even had to wear that funny hat, apron and steel toe caps while slaving over a hot six burner stainless steel stove, big enough to cook for the entire suburb, my class consisted of six males and one female. My kids were so use to their culinary exploits that when asked what they had at their end of year, school leaver's dinner at one of our fine restaurants, the response was "what we had last thursday night". They became my worst critics. Spoilt buggers, but they can all cook, made sure of that..

Are you listening Ellie, taught all my kids to cook as well..

So we have the following article and as usual, don't ever make any negative comments about any "woman" unless they have the opportunity to respond with their usual snarky, sarcastic, overtones..

Why women can't cook

 Women's cooking is often so poor because it is largely performed as a matter of necessity. 
For the traditional housewife, cooking is not a luxury pastime, but simply another item in the long list of household chores that needs to be ticked off with efficiency and speed. There is clearly little time or energy left after a day full of children to prepare a serious piece of gastronomy, and most women usually rustle up a supper that is quick, dull but, to their credit, relatively nutritious.
However, it will undoubtedly be boring and flavourless, devoid of any inventiveness or joy in its execution. A typical example would be an overcooked pork chop with some over-boiled spuds and limp broccoli.
Even more common is the staple female dish, pasta a la things, in which some unidentifiable foodstuffs are chucked into a pot of soggy tagliatelle and then mixed up with slightly sour creme fraiche.
Men who endure such cooking soon find they have two options. Either eat a good lunch, or do the cooking yourself. I was one of the men who opted for the latter, having endured months of shoddy fare knocked up by my wife. (At least I hope she's still my wife after this.)
Unfortunately, the girls attitude to anything that may in some small way criticise their culinary skills, what there is of it, must ofcourse be defended. Just so sensitive. They just cannot help themselves..

Here is the "wife"
So, women can't cook? We are, apparently, slapdash, disorganised and produce dull grub.
And, according to my husband, I am one of the worst offenders: burning garlic, forgetting the spuds, serving up soggy pasta with unidentifiable floating objects in it. Not so much domestic goddess as kitchen cretin.
It was my culinary incompetence that drove him to don his apron in the first place, and become the master chef that he is today - in his own immodest description.
So might he have a point? Sure, men can cook. Gone are the days when they would cheerfully put up their hands and admit they couldn't heat up a can of beans.
Definitely snarky, women seem to have lost their sense of humour whenever anything arises that they feel should be beyond criticism. It is pathetic. Instead of just admitting it and moving on. No, cannot have that. Bear in mind that not only do men cook better but they have also put in some major hours at work as well, but let's forget that shall we..
Where did my glass go..