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All the Single Ladies, erm,Women 

One would imagine that the term ladies is a definite misnomer in this day and age. We really need to find a better description for the opposite sex as that one no longer really applies anymore, does it..
The great news is that finally women will stop leaching of the guys and screwing their lives up via needless divorces, they instigate in the majority. This is great news, leave them on their own and just get on with your own life. Who in his sane mind would want a bar of a feminist anyway, I mean,  really..

Now I am well aware that I have already posted on this article before and one has to wallow through copious pages of feminist waffle reminding all and sundry that the "strong" and "Independent"woman   does, does not, sometimes occasionally, maybe eventually, requires the attention of a man in her life. I would imagine that it is no longer fashionable to regard that as one of life's choices amongst the sisters of the hegemony as one does not want to stand out from the crowd let alone loose face when not failing their fellow sheeple by opposing the consensus. Feminists have decided amongst themselves that being "man-less" is the ideal way to spend one's life as those privileged princesses can no longer snare one who makes more money than they do and thereby limiting their options when marrying up as women have always done. They are in a quandary..

Not one single word about the fact that not one single female in the western world can lay claim to being in her position or the amount of her pay packet was by her own effort as way too many laws are in place that women in general receive the preferred option in whatever they do. The will be the first to be employed according to government legislation instituted over a decade ago. They will also be the first to be promoted for the same reason, even promoted over a male with better credentials and experience because she is the carrier of that free pass vagina..

The same methodology works for them in College and especially in Universities which guarantees a place for their selfish butts at the expense of men, not because men are not interested, no, because they want to ensure that the majority of students are that privileged sex by rejecting male applicants..

All that is conveniently ignored while bragging how great they are and how everyone else is well, you know, dumb. Amazingly, whenever you point out this obvious fact to any woman they stoutly refuse to comprehend or even believe that level of sexism even exists. Their standard response is the usual "well, I had to work hard to get where I wanted to be" like the other sex was somehow given a free pass. Their degree was included with their application for railway tickets. The arrogance and deliberate ignorance is absolutely breathtaking. There are so many special privileges for women in effect today that you would need a ten volume book to list them all but when you ask them how it feels to be able to get so many free passes, they look at you in blank disbelief..

"You don't know what your are talking about" is the standard response. I do not even have to link or demonstrate this as you and I come across it everyday. One simple Google question would demonstrate it quite clearly as well but do they own up to it or even recognise it to be the case. You must be joking. There are no bragging rights when one has to confess to the well know fact that their privileges got them where they wanted to go and not their "brilliant" and "sassy" attitude. It was more like government money, legislation and filling the sexist female majority quota..

How embarrassing is that and what level of child would receive that same treatment, you may well ask. I would reply "Not One Single One"..

Blame the Sexual Revolution, Not Men