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I should not be here..

A fine example of the blatant sexism against men and the entitlement, automatically granted to women. This amazing video on the English Police Force once again reinforces the extras that women demand as they are in their own mind, are worth it..

Apart from the fact that men are discriminated against in every section of the public service where "special" laws are in place to ensure that women are selected instead of men and yet are incapable of performing their duties and are always reliant on men to assist and help. The image that is projected about women in the police service is a laughable representation of what actually happens..

A real hero with male back up..

As hollywood and the english film industry depict women are the "hero", we have witnessed on numerous occasions that they always seem to disappear when the hard work needs to be done. Women in the force demand the same pay and bonuses even though they do not earn it or deserve it. The sexism and discrimination in place was put there by the male hating feminists whose delusional claim, that women do the same work, just like Wimbledon Tennis finals, do half the work and demand the same payment..

For a sex who demands equality and yet only does half the work for equal pay is laughable as well as borders on the pathetic. It echoes the false claim about all those special privileges they claim they don't receive..

And they wonder why women have a credibility problem..