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Our Prime Minister..
To state that the past couple of weeks have been interesting would be an understatement. We had Feminised mangina Obama visiting feminist Gillard in Australia, which was promptly ignored by the international media for good reason. The combined consensus from these two nation destroying, debt loading marxists is as about as interesting as asking a what a dog felt like when it had rabies. One thing they had in common as was their downward spiral in the polls. People on both sides of the pacific like them just as much as the other. One does wonder what they are planning and scheming to introduce against the male population in the next round of legislation and billion dollar handouts. Both have targeted women as priority and both have ensured that men and boys be relegated to third place after installing special and even more privileges for women..

The Voice for Men site introduced some rather disturbing facts about feminist eugenics , which means basically to "improve" human beings. Feminists approach this topic like their sex has reached perfection and does not require any adjustments. I could already name quite a few but that would be encouraging these lunatics..
Eugenics is concerned with the current direction of human evolution.Most people draw a blank when they hear the word, or it conjures up images of swastikas and jack-booted Nazis..
So it came as no surprise that feminism is heavily involved in that subject as they have hinted to it ever since the craze-fest of feminists infested society in the 60's. The difference between eugenics and genocide could be measured with a razor blade as one particular dictator back in the 1940's can attest..
An article written by Pamela O’Shaughnessy used euphemistic language to suggest mass murder and eugenics as a solution to imagined male defect. This attracted a collection of feminist ideologues whose reactions ranged from the necessity of mass murder to reduce men to a manageable number under a female supremacist governance.
Still no response from male feminists though. Could they possibly realise that feminists and feminism don't really give a rat's arse about them either and just want to see them dead as well!
I am sure they will come up with an appropriate excuse that will exonerate and justify their own rabid behaviour..

Apparently Pamela O'Shaughnessy was exposed as the eugenicist, as well as a genocide and infanticide promoter, a feminist ofcourse, hiding behind her Vliet Tiptree name and avatar. But feminism is not about hate as we have been lied to in the past. This exposure sure as hell puts that lie to bed. It always has been and will continue to be a hate movement until some brave souls in the higher echelon of power decides that they should no longer promote and finance this movement and bring these monsters to justice..

I can dream..

Tom Martin and The London School of Economics appears to disagree about what level of hate and anti-male malice can and should be justified. Tom basically just points out what everyone already knows about the misandric level, feminists project at every university and college around the world and demonstrates again how they will fight any and every claim with everything they have possessed..

We have had other issues covered as well. It would appear that the sex war continues as both sides reassess the pros and cons. It has finally been the case that men are generally waking up to the manipulations and demands that women in general have always made and have taken for granted. The female attraction levels to males has also been demonstrated to be hard wired, putting paid to feminist claims of whatever they wanted to falsely claim about the sexes. They were once again ridiculed, laughingly demonstrated to once again, be the joke they really are. Tests demonstrated that female attraction is hardwired in the male mind, meanwhile they will have to deconstruct their deconstructed argument as it just came to pass that their usual deconstruction, theoretical rantings are just that, theoretically useless..

The relationship debate ofcourse will continue to rage for some time as we take it all apart and expose the unsightly innards..

 Excellent article from both you and The Private Man. The main grievance from feminists in reality is their lack of choice and control in their lives. They chafed under the 'old rules' of patriarchy because they 'felt' they had to submit to men in order to achieve their ultimate goal of support for family and children. However just as TPM has stated succinctly, asking a woman now why is worth forgoing every other woman out there even after a better deal comes available is going to be a very awkward question for her. Mostly because the vast majority of women haven't really had to even consider the proposition. So shaming men for even thinking this way makes them feel better in the short term because the real issue which scares the hell out of them is that just because a woman says yes to sex, doesn't mean a man is going to say yes to marriage. To become a wife, a woman needs a man who wishes to become a husband. In the end, women have given up every sort of leverage they used to on What do YOU Bring to this Relationship?..

The days are coming when women can no longer take any relationship as a precursor for their happiness and longevity. Gone are the days where it is assumed that any man will just line up to be led down the reaming ways women have clearly demonstrated, by solely following their own interests. It's definitely not for the relationship (70% divorces instigated by women) but only for their own outcomes in the pursuit of money and cheap thrills as they ignored the broken gender social contract. I do feel a little sorry for them as reality is dawning and that realisation will demand that they either change their behavioural patterns, their privileged princess attitude, their "it's all about me" chorus or they can always face life, partner-less, family-less and alone, not a very nice future outcome for the sex who claims to want it the most and thrives in it's existence. The only positive out of that would be the cat population will grow and expand. Cats imitate the girls so well..

Finally, the last thing any man wants to do is to hook up with is a feminist, the second option would be one that follows that hate doctrine by making irrational and unreasonable demands as they have been educated to do. So, you have been warned ladies. There will be the "I told you so" reminder later..

Last but not least, the visual hard-wired affect that not only reduces our blood pressure, relaxes us and benefits our neurones..