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One does not have to look too far to witness the total lack of female empathy when applied to the Men's Movement. Sadly, it almost appears that the movement is on it's own and fighting for decency and equity is not one of the topics that women are generally interested in. It can only be put down to the off chance that, going against feminism and their male-hating vitriol, is either way to hard, too difficult or it would displace their hierarchal sisterhood status, the sisterhood principles are more important then the general good that we fight for. It is a well known fact that females bully each other endlessly, more so then males. The male situation is mostly about sorting out the problem, if you have a problem with someone, stand up to it and take it from there. No festering or denial, confront the issue, if there is a reason and deal with it and that is the way men deal with it. For females there is, as usual, a lot more to consider as I have, while running this blog over the past (almost) seven years, witnessed how totally ruthless and maniacal females can be when reeking revenge..

Nastier than men as far as I can tell. I have many articles where women have abused each other to such a degree that I had to readjust my own thinking towards the opposite sex. The worst example would be an article where a female surgically removed a foetus from a pregnant "mother to be" and took the child home claiming it was hers because she could not have her own. Affective but hardly sane. I have photographs of young girls who have been attacked by their peers and the end result has both physically and mentally scarred them for life. Women are not overly brave when it comes to any possibility of being physically traumatised or physically abused. Normally they call in some white knight or pussy whipped partner to do their dirty work just so they can claim the ethical high road by claiming that it was not their fault or blame for instigating the melee, over some imaginary and ill conceived  hubris..

Apart from al that, we do see and witness quite a few females on side. These ladies can and do witness the sexist, discriminatory male hating efforts that feminists continually promote and proclaim. Those same females, in some cases are even more forward and state their opinions in a more direct way than some men do. They are not shy about coming forward and telling it precisely the way it is, what the issues are and what needs to be fixed regardless of the abuse and personal harm they may have to carry in speaking out..
There would not be too many men on this planet who are not attached or have not been involved with a loving and caring female in their lives, generalisations aside. I have to make that confession myself, as it's undeniable. Those females do have a major impact on our attitudes and thinking, more so than we care to admit or confess.
That is the problem I have with the opposite sex. They can see the issues we face, the misandry, the promotion of a male hating society and all that comes with that and yet there are very few female voices involved in trying to clean that mess up. Maybe it is time that women sat down and made some decisions regarding their own future as our efforts requires the input from both sexes to make it acceptable as well as tenable. we need more women onside to soften the overall impact that feminists are trained to inflict and the sooner they come onside, the sooner they voice their dislike about where all things are heading, the sooner we can fix the problem..

The title name and this blog in general, may appear to be somewhat of an enigma but to my way of thinking, it's totally justifiable and self explanatory. The feminist penchant of promoting all women as being something they are not, eg. blameless, incapable of dishonesty or breaking the law was and is way too incomprehensible. So this blog is here to refute those false and fake claim, argue the men's purview, hence the title..

Feminists and feminism is the main problem, they need to be neutralised for their obvious actions, shut down so society can return to sanity and equity instead of heading towards an inevitable conflict where no one will win and we all loose..
Demonstrate as well to all and sundry that ethics and honour does still ride within the female spyche instead of the endless negative representations we have from male hating feminists that only compounds the "anti-woman" attitude..
You are going to have to make that decision sooner or later as there is no longer a middle road to follow as it's at the stage of "either for or against", better still, promote your altruism..
How else could you possibly restore respect for your own sex..