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Comment from Jovan B.
You are right about anti-porn activists wanting to take away our porn. What you fail to mention is the fact that fewer and fewer feminists support a total ban of porn. And then, I gotta get to this and pick apart the lies. 1. Men’s on the job death rate: 97% True. 2. Men’s shorter life expectancy [+- 5 years depending on country ] True. 3. Selective military service True. 4. Exclusion of consideration in anti-violence PSAs - LIE. 5. Exclusion of protection of legal due process - Another LIE. 6. Routine depiction in media as inferior humans - LIE again. 7. Discrimination by businesses catering to women only - LIE again. 8. Routine male-vilifying falsehood promoted by government - LIE #5. 9. Routine male-vilifying falsehood promoted by charitable organizations - LIE #6. 10. Promotion and endorsement of male-targeting rape by prison system - LIE #7. 11. Treatment of male sexual victimization as comedy - Mostly true, but patriarchy is to blame for this. 12. Culture-wide prioritization of rescue resources away from men (women and children first) - LIE #8. 13. Female dominance and affirmative action in education - LIE #9. 14. School-endorsed hate rallies in major universities - LIE #10. 15. Male targeting murder-advocacy - LIE #11. 16. Male targeting eugenics advocacy - LIE #12. 17. Anti-male hatred promoted openly by online communities - LIE #13. 18. Mainstream television’s celebration of male-targeted sexual mutilation - LIE #14. 19. Female cosmetics industry use of male infant mutilation in beauty products - LIE #15. 20. Male-hatred promoted in mainstream clothing design (boys are stupid) - True. You also fail to mention that female-hatred is also promoted in clothing design (i.e. credit card panties for girls, and I'm too pretty to do math/homework). 21. Cultural prohibition and eradication of male space in western society - LIE #16. 22. Murder of male sexual nonconformism (gay bashing, gay murder) - True, but gay bashing and gay murder is NOT limited to just gay men. Lesbians, transgendered people and bisexuals are also killed because of their orientation. 23. Courts ignoring fathers and children in favor of mother’s convenience - LIE #17. 24. Male reproductive responsibilities without rights - LIE #18. 25. Debtors prison for only fathers - LIE #19. 26. 90% of homeless are male / Female focused homeless aid - LIE #20. 27. female-only health initiatives - LIE #21. 21 out of 27 items on this list are lies. And then at least three times did you omit that women are also victims of hatred. Fail, fail, fail.By jovan b. on Dworkin and Wolf both Get it Wrong.. on 11/26/11

This male feminist, like all the others, never bother to back up their arguments with facts. They are of the opinion that, whenever they claim anything to be "untrue" or "lie" then it must be so just because they claim it to be the case..

Anyone wanting factual responses to the denials above only has to Google the information to totally destroy the male feminist's assertions or spend a couple of hundred hours checking this blog as all the information that he refutes is there. Not just my assumptions or opinions but facts from peer reviewed studies plus government department quantifiable information..

Where is the proof, JB. Where are your facts, the real unbiased, non-feminised, untainted facts to back up all those inane and obviously exaggerated, erroneous opinions and assertions..

It was not that long ago when Paul Elam from AVfM debated one of these tunnel visioned enablers and sent him packing as that feminist male could not back up any of his comments or statements without resorting to fictional feminist deconstructed dogma and literature, which has about the same level of truth as the claim that women have reached perfection (special, just like everyone else). Male feminists like JB are not only loathed and hated by feminists as I have demonstrated repeatedly via MP3's and actual feminised female commentary and articles. Not only do they see male feminists as the enemy but they are quite happy to exclude them from any rational (if that's possible) input into the maelstrom of feminist hate and rage against one half of the population. That they do on their own accord

So here we have another one of these loathsome, traitorous and hypocritical examples who comments here under the claim that they have some revelations to expose when in reality, manginas like this have absolutely no credibility at all. Not recognised by female feminists to be of any consequence or any members of his own sex to be taken seriously..

Male feminists are of the opinion that lying and misrepresenting any information, is paramount to speaking the truth, selective opinion is fact. One can only feel pity and repugnance for this type of human being as no one really wants to have anything to do with them. They are a wasted individual, who by choice has decided to promote a male hate doctrine in order to find excess to his fetishes and questionable behaviour. The only reason male feminists exist is to appeal to the female sex in the hope of being excepted while they pursue their "female organ" worshipping fetishes..

With the "credentials" below, he assumes that he will be taken seriously. JB, you are wasting your time commenting on this blog. Your infected thought processes and behaviour dictates that you cannot be taken seriously or to be trusted..

So here is your fifteen minutes of fame..

jovan b.

I am a 2002 graduate of Williston-Elko High School and live in western Barnwell County, 20 miles east of Aiken. I am a nudist, sex-positive feminist man and prog-rock fanatic. Favorite musicians include Dixie Chicks,