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Occasionally someone will put forward a good explanation and argument against feminism. Regardless of the damage and suffering that syndrome has caused, there are still people trying to justify the feminist behaviour. I wonder what it would take for a feminist to step back have a reality check, admit that the treatment is better than prolonging the illness..

With the exception of Wikipedia..

Feminism is a sickness, or more accurately it is a syndrome. Let me quote Wikipedia “a syndrome is the association of several clinically recognizable features, signs (observed by a physician), symptoms (reported by the patient), phenomena or characteristics that often occur together”.
Because feminism is essentially a cluster of behaviors (syndrome) we cannot reduce the whole thing to one word “equality” or one behaviour “equality seeking” as does the Wikipedia description of feminism. We need to include misandry, violence, oppressive rule, narcissism, and many other qualities belonging to the syndrome. These behaviours are demonstrated by all feminists, all over the world. Moreover, when we name the latter characteristics we see that the syndrome also includes dissociation and denial of these more negative elements belonging to the cluster, as the negatives are never included in feminist-inspired definitions.
So here is a more accurate definition of the syndrome feminism:
-seeks power under the euphemism of “equality”
-is narcissistic
-interpersonally controlling and exploitative
-has overly positive view of itself despite negatives
-displays dissociation and denial of negatives

The call to action ..

“All right, I have an agenda. Call it a vision for the future; an idea where things ought to be heading. And no, I don’t mean AVfM. I mean ALL of this. The whole game. The whole revolution. The whole damned enchilada. Just imagine: a world without feminism.”
This is what a
men’s rights activist
looks like.
People to engage in Men’s Rights Activism
I wish somebody would put those sayings on T-shirts so I could buy them and wear them.
It would be nice to find one, or two, other good MRA’s within a reasonably close driving distance so we could collaborate on men’s rights activism projects. What’s close? Los Angeles County/San Fernando Valley for starters. Out of several million people living in my neighborhood, you’d think one, or two, wouldn’t be hard to find.