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It is as if, automatically on cue. State the most obnoxious, absurd, the most abusive word you can think of about American Women and they will go out of their way to not only prove it to be correct but also back it up with something even worse..

Wow, and you guys actually live in the same country and probably take them out to lunch. Tell me I am wrong..

From The Counter-Feminist blog of Fidelbogen. He would not have to search too far and nor does anyone else to find this bit of usual misandry..

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Speaks For Itself

The accompanying is a screen capture from a larger screen capture which one of "our people" (wink, wink!) gathered from a secret, members-only feminist web forum.

What you see here is the quintessential, inner truth about feminism-as-a-whole. Yes, yes. We all know that Not All Feminists Are Like That.


Unfortunately, the ones who are "not like that" are merely irrelevant. They have little to do with the actual center of power, and they are of scant interest to those who are fighting said power. These earnest ones frankly bore us, and we frankly wish they would shut the hell up and disappear. They are a nuisance and a distraction which obsures feminism's rotten core from the world's gaze. But that is their purpose -- camouflage.

So, what you see in the screen capture is the TRUTH about feminism. Those people are not what insipid folk so politely called the "radical fringe". No, they are the radical core. Without their living presence on planet earth, feminism would simply not exist in a meaningful or viable form. Lacking the ardent nucleus of unbridled animosity toward all things male, it would have long ago spent itself and faded away.

Click on the pic to get a larger (more readable) view.

Please note that the opposite animosity, expressed toward women by men (as it occasionally is) is not the "core" of non-feminism, since non-feminism has no core. It is not even analogous to feminism, being simply the rest of the world, the world beyond feminism. Non-feminism is not an ideology, not a doctrine, not a religion, not a system of thought, not a political party, but only a vast, loose collection of things that vary wildly. As the wise saying goes, the world is full of a number of things.In parting, here is an inspirational article which promises us that even though "men may be dogs", we still love them.
Well. That's good hearing!