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Amazingly, neo-cons are lining up with the feminist hate movement (see Sarah Palin) to malign and denigrate all men and place them once again into some type of "All men are losers" category while at the same time grovel and praise the efforts of the privileged princesses for making demands on a sex they have deliberately colluded with feminists to destroy, denigrate and undermine in every possible way..

Bill Bennett appears to be one of those "women do nothing wrong" tunnel visioned enablers who neglects or does not bother to find the cause but is fine criticising the end result. A hypocrite of the worst kind whose attitude towards his own sex is so narrow minded that obviously any commentary by men on his shaming and blaming article is totally ignored as he automatically takes the endless whining of females as the gauge, the yardstick to measure the current situation that men face..

He fails to even consider the fact that the laws, both Judiciary and it's backup troops, the education system with it's automatic sexist preference for female teachers, the government and it's insistence that only women are worth supporting, plus throw in the main stream media who have no problem with naming and shaming an falsely accused male while hiding the name of the false female accuser, all combine to relegate men, however young, to a life of oppression and discrimination at the behest of male hating feminists and their mangina cohorts who for some unfathomable reason are quite happy stabbing their own sex in the back..

Back all that up with affirmative action, the need for universities to reject the majority of male students in order to fill their standard quota of government paid places for the privileged sex and you have the situation we have today. On top of all those benefits these selfish females receives there is not one single female out there who would even testify to that fact. Not one single female has ever come forward (to my knowledge) and said "We have enough, we don't need anymore" as that comment is just not posited in the female brain as their version of "enough" would only rear it's head when it's out cold, laying on the footpath with her skirt past it's arse. "Enough" would wait until next time, when she can do it all over again..

This is what we face and this is why men are just opting out. They have had enough of the bullshit and the non-action that political parties and presidents undertake to ensure their demise. So what will happen when this state of affair becomes prominent and standard behaviour. I have a feeling that while no one actually gives a shit about it and feminists keep heading down their male bashing path, we are going to find out..

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