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When I first started this blog, my original intention was to apply some shock and awe. The idea was to demonstrate what men did actually think of women and how badly women were behaving, especially in the USA as this was and is the epicentre of that hate movement they named, feminism. What surprises me the most is that very little or anything has been achieved to curb this hate movement as it stacks one hate message on top of another with what seems, very little resistance. It is changing, thank goodness.

Sites have been active for many years, expounding the after affects that hate movement has introduced and  forced onto society and new blogs and sites (too many to mention, see side column) are growing exponentially as the word spreads and people are finally taking some notice. I am concerned about my American friends who have had to endure that avalanche of misandry as we have all done, other countries are not much different with their compliance to that doctrine as it floods our very lives with dysfunctional demands and unreasonable laws, they have introduced..

The article below was posted in April 2007, it still lays claim to being the most consistently viewed page on this blog and does so on a monthly basis. Comments to this article has reached well over 160, for this blog, being aimed more at educating than discussing, is one big total. So, why would one small article top the hit list and continue up to nearly five years. Well it must hit some raw nerves or maybe it is a question that really requires an answer and mostappear to be able to answer it by their own experiences with the AW. Strangely though, it is requested more by title than any other label..

Top Ten Reasons Why American Women Suck...

Could this be how men and as you will see, other women view American women. Is this the inheritance that American women will pass onto the next generation as they have done in the past four decades. Is this how AW want to be viewed and recognised by the rest of the world ?

They have roundly deserved that self elevated position of obnoxious as even a recent visitor to Japan from the US has noted on one forum I regularly visit and he reported on his daily escapades in Japan (did an article on that a few months back), stated that he could recognise the AW's by their uncouth and load obnoxious behaviour and their fashion nonsense, while at the same time commented on how diametrically opposite Japanese women were. He works over there currently, does not want to return..

Just to balance out the argument, when applying any generalities, there are always exceptions and I must state this as I am well aware of the fact that there are quite a few AW onside and will continue to be so and having that would indicate that it does not apply to every American female but it certainly does apply to the majority..

It is absolutely true. I am a woman from overseas. AW is amazed me most of them they are so fake, selfish, self center, loud and annoyed women that I ever seen in my life. I travel and stay many places around the world. AW are the worst women in Planet. Because of stupid feminist, law and order in Western world especially in America, they make women become greedy and disgisting more and more everyday. I can't stand AW at all in any sense of Women...That's a shame!
One does not have to make this stuff up as reality is out there already..
Dan Hurstsaid...
The New AW-Remora..
One more thing....I recently went thru a divorce from an "entitled" lazy, fat, irresponsible, the list goes on and on, American woman. Ultimately...why? Cause some dumb American MAN (along with the men married to her ass wipe friends) is out there willing to kiss her ass for a mere 20 minutes of sex a week. MORONZ!!!!
Dan rightly spreads the blame around and once again reinstates that it's the men who tolerate these walking disasters pretending to be human beings, when in actual fact they are only there to act like a remora on the rest of society, with their endless, unreasonable demands. The main culprits, hopefully NOT PUA's, treating them out for the night, will gradually disappear and find something else to do. The only way these women are going to behave any differently is to not accept their bad attitude and behaviour, it's that simple..

Have a look at the comments as some live in denial while other willingly inform you about the hell they have gone through with these privileged princesses. Better still, add a comment..