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The cougar title has been around for a while as the ageing girls, in desperation, chase young men for distraction, amongst other activities. Apparently it's growing to the stage where I read a complaint, just the other day, from an 18 year old male who was complaining about these old women approaching him for a hookup or a meeting while he was trying to mow his law. Just wearing shorts probably didn't help but it does demonstrate a little more about older women and how desperate or how egotistical they really have become..

Change the sex and he would be accused of being some sad old man, perving on young chicks, a potential pedo. What do you call a woman (over 40's) approaching a young male, at the front of his house, while he is working, just pursuing him for sex. A desperate old hag, maybe !!..

He was not impressed and after the third time on that particular day, he spat it and told them to youknowwhat, f*ck off..

It was going to be inevitable that Moore was going for less, by marrying a boy almost half her age when all she had was her looks to keep him interested. As the Wall street investment guru states "that's a bad investment"..

If a woman like Demi Moore, spending millions on plastic surgery and other keeping young fixes, fails to keep herself looking young, which was her original intention, what hope have the rest got. She does really advertise the fact that women are way out of their depth when they are thinking cougar, as that action does and is limited, it will only ever be a momentarily quick ego fix. The excitement of having someone younger under your control may well be tempting but enjoy that while you can, because tomorrow is on it's way..

Platall makes a few points about this arrangement..
Announcing her divorce from her cheating husband, Demi Moore said: ‘As a woman, a mother and a wife, there are certain vows I hold sacred.’Did she mean the vows to keep her body young and her plastic surgeon’s number by her side? The end of her six-year marriage after repeated allegations of Ashton Kutcher’s infidelity comes as no surprise. From the very beginning, despite the Hollywood spin of the perfect match that was put out daily on her Twitter feed, this was a car crash waiting to happen.

But this is more than just another Hollywood break-up. Demi Moore was a totem, a standard bearer for women of a certain age who believed they could have it all. She was the ultimate Cougar, the older woman who could snare any young man she wanted.

She was living proof you could hold back the years. Except, it turns out that she couldn’t. As yesterday’s divorce announcement proves. This is a salutary moment for those of us who, at some level, have bought into the modern myth of eternal youth — the notion that you can pay for a new face, new body or even a new baby when you’re too old to have one.It shows that, however rich you are, you cannot defy nature. Demi reportedly spent nearly £1million on cosmetic surgery procedures - but it still wasn’t enough to buy her a lasting relationship.
Successful marriages are mostly born of a shared history, of raising children together, of memories, the joys and the hardships, and the pleasure of looking at your partner in the morning and being able to count each other’s wrinkles and laughter lines.
The final insult for the desperate cougar crowd..

Sven Drefahl of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany, said: "The greater the age difference, the lower the wife's life expectancy.

The Final Quagmire of Older Women—2

Demi wants Moore..
Demi-glazed Moore..