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FORTY per cent of foreign men visiting the Philippines are sex tourists, 
 Obama's mouthpiece made a statement as follows -
The US ambassador on Manila said today in comments that were quickly disputed by the government.
“We know that 40 per cent of foreign men who come to the Philippines, including from the US, come for sexual tourism. That is not something I’m proud of. That’s not something you should be proud of,” Thomas said.
Everyone is trying to find out where the hell those statistics came from as whenever one visits the Philippines, one does not have to sign some form or declaration that states you are there to bonk the local population. It does smack of that other claim made by those lunatic feminist auto-bots that anywhere from  100,000 to 300,000 prostitutes will invade the vicinity of the Superbowl to sell their wares but failed to even come close to stating where exactly were those claimed prostitutes supposed to be housed. The local mayor on this occasion came out and stated that every room was already booked out and had been ever since the announcement was made, where the next Superbowl was to be held. Apparently the other most important fact they missed was that the attending crowd would only be around 80-90,000 people, man, woman and child. So who exactly was going to pay for services rendered. Who indeed..

Making these ludicrous comments appears to be a standard process the current US President and it's White House drones have perfected. In this case though, even the Philippine Government wanted some additional information as they were not aware..
“Certainly that is something we would like to dispute. We are not sure where his statistics are coming from,” -government-
I am not promoting anything except maybe, common sense. I know of three guys locally who have Philippine wives and they are happy little vegemites. Which is great, do I promote oversea brides, maybe, maybe not. Entirely up to yourself, but I can see the argument against marrying some American privileged princess as being a major disaster plus being a really bad option. Way too many male hating feminists spreading the anti male, malice. I can understand why a normal man would like to meet a normal women without the threat of jail or a possible family court reaming (of those I have met way too many). I cannot understand why one would return to their own feminised country to share that union when it is quite probable one of those harpies will eventually get at your bride and screw her mind down to their own level. It is a known fact they hate competition and will out of pure spite make others as miserable as themselves given any opportunity..

Each to their own..

Meanwhile as the MM (Men's Movement) expands and grows world-wide, we have "feet on the ground" just about everywhere, even in far away places such as Alaska (have a look at the globe). In this case our local Philippine native MRA, shares some facts and common sense..

Yan Yan..

Harry Thomas remarks were widely quoted in the Philippine national media and many disputed the figure - so would I. But I'll come to that later.

One of the best pieces I read was an editorial in our local rag by Ben Contreras. (Unfortunately the clipping is in the office - I'm at home now and it's midnight here). It also disputed the figures but ended up by saying "so what". "Prostitution has always been around and always will be." The writer genuinely didn't understand why it was such a big deal because he couldn't get his head around the guilt-ridden Puritanism of Harry Thomas types.

The Philippines is not exactly a top tourist destination so 40% of a small number is a smaller number. I live in Mindanao, down south, where their is a significant Muslim minority. Since western travel advisories tell us that it's a war zone we don't get many tourists anyway. When I first explored this city in 1995 there were only about 20 western ex-pats. Now it's nearer 200 - almost all married with families or in long term relationships.

As for visitors, how can anybody accurately determine what their motives are? Visa applications usually ask "Business or Pleasure?". There is no box to tick that says "Sex Tourist?"

In my personal experience, most western men come "looking for love" because they've heard that it's a good place to find decent wives. There's a fair amount of cultural adjustment needed on both sides but the majority succeed. Indeed, there are several gentlemen on this board who have been through the process. Naturally, I'm far too discreet to name names. If they want to throw in their two cents it's up to them.

Since the financial recession tourist numbers have dwindled anyway. Almost all of the male visitors I've met over the last couple of years are old friends of western men that are now settled here. They comment primarily on two things. The cost of living is low and the women are attractive and feminine. You can almost see the cogs turning in their brains as they start to "do the math".

An important factor for me as a father, that a lot of men don't even consider, is that, in the Philippines mixed race children are not looked down on, but admired. A brief review of Philippine history would explain why.

However, all that said, there are places in the Phils that specifically cater for what western politicians might call "sex tourism" but the locals would call business opportunities. One such is Angeles City in Luzon. There are bars, strip joints and thousands of nubile young women concentrated in a small area.
Places like Angeles grew to earn dollars from meeting the needs of US military personnel on 'R&R' from Clark Field and Subic Bay. The bases might be long gone but Angeles hangs on and sex-seekers know where to go.

Harry Thomas would know all about that - hence his jaundiced and hypocritical comments.
H/t and YanYan..