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If Bieber is Guilty, he is more than screwed..

I usually don't bother with the "entertainment" set but this particular issue should have some interesting outcomes if it is even remotely true. I would at a guess have to admit that it appears highly unlikely but after all the dust settles and the lies and false accusations surfaces then at least we will have another example of how feminists have screwed society to advantage women only..

Any lying, retarded, drug addled, psychotic female (any female can and do make false claims be it either assualt or rape is considered to be automatically telling the truth) who by the way had sex with an underage boy, can make any claim and it will be considered as being 100% true. Feminists tell us that NO WOMAN WOULD EVER LIE ABOUT RAPE. Their own words and fortunately it was something they stated without ever knowing what sub-calibre of human being women can turn in to, whenever one removes any guidelines or restrictions on their obvious obnoxious behaviour. It does become unlimited. Worst nightmare material..
Mariah Yeater, the 20-year-old tramp who claims to have given birth to Justin Bieber’s child, probably has no idea who her baby’s father is. Perhaps she had a fantasy that the baby is Bieber’s, and has managed to convince herself it’s the truth. Given how often women are wrong about the true identity of their child’s father, this sort of thing is likely a common occurrence. However, it is conceivable, although highly unlikely, that Justin Bieber is in fact the baby’s father.
If this is the case, Yeater will be set for at least the next 18 years. Given Bieber’s wealth, she will have an upper-middle-class income without having to do a lick of work — all for seducing a 16-year-old boy. If Bieber’s career stalls, as often happens with child pop stars, he will find it very difficult to reduce child support. He may end up in debt, crushed under a burden he cannot afford. Yeater, like most women, will not have an ounce of pity for him. In her mind, she will have earned every penny of the support she receives. “30 seconds,” as she claimed, will translate to millions of dollars. She will have hit the jackpot. The common logic is that it’s the male party’s fault — the stock response from feminists (and almost all women, actually) is that he “had a choice.”
A grown woman who seduces an underage boy shouldn’t be entitled to anything, but under current law she will receive child support no matter how she got pregnant. Teachers who slept with students have been awarded child support. Vili Fualaau, who impregnated the infamous Mary Kay Letourneau at the age of 12, probably ultimately married his former teacher to avoid having to pay child support. In other words, the working class Samoan kid had no choice (other than grinding poverty, that is) but to marry a woman over twenty years his senior — I wouldn’t believe for a minute the ridiculous stories about “eternal love” between the unlikely couple.
Does anyone really believe that women will not abuse the law as it stands today? That they will not try to seduce and entrap hapless men and boys? Because there is absolutely no disincentive, and because of the sham “best interests of the child” doctrine (if this were really the issue, women would be forced to stay in unhappy marriages), it is inevitable that some women will do exactly this. The easier the victim the better. Rich youths, like Bieber, make good targets. Overpaid athletes with questionable intellectual capacity are easy marks, too. As obvious as it is that these women are predators, our courts still place the blame on their prey.
But perhaps something good will come out of this latest tabloid story about Justin Bieber and the woman who claims she caught his sperm — at least Bieber’s underage fans will know a little more about the harsh reality of family law than previous generations of children. Better the boys learn early – before it’s too late – that they can expect no mercy if and when they father children.
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