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I may on the odd occasion, caste the occasional aspersion at male feminist (oh, alright, I do that quite a bit)  and in that same vein, I do hand out the web's most celebrated award, The "Mangina Award", which recognises the inherited stupidity and hypocrisy those girlie men indulge in. I was so impressed by those traitorous, female worshipping enablers that I even produced an MP3 stating why feminists just loathe the sight of those hypocrites and it would appear that I underestimated that attitude as I have come across even more examples..

Even with my fertile imagination, I could not make this stuff up. They loathe and hate male feminists like they're a plague and wait until you hear the radical feminist version. They literally are taking their life into their own hands. Maybe they should volunteer for another one of those videos they recently made in Sweden (shoot, lick and orgasm). The only problem would be if feminists get their own way, then there won't be any pretending..

They hate them to such a degree they complain about male feminists paying and organising those childish "no accountability" Slut Walks..

The entire saga should make an excellent comedy program where they could justify their sorry excuse of a life and demonstrate precisely how needy they really are..

More SlutWalk Asshattery

Guest Post by GallusMag
Wow, that FCM post on the dickwad self-proclaimed sperminator and “molester” sponsoring Baltimore SlutWalk really raised my blood pressure, and my awareness. Minutes later my spamtastic email informed me of today’s SlutWalk at the University of Connecticut. Well, who the hell’s sponsoring that one I wondered? Lordy, it’s co-sponsored by Matt Tuscano, a student at UConn.