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This part comment from HB had me pondering the same issue even before I came across it. One does have to wonder where that hate is generated and why. Who is responsible and why is that level of venom promoted and displayed by feminists and their enablers..

Those people will be exposed and we will let society judge them for what they really are. No hiding behind closed doors, behind false names and avatars while spreading that hate message without accountability..
Happy Bachelor has left a new comment on your post "Urban Dictionary Rendered Useless By Male Haters.....": 
While this is very disturbing, there is a way to look at this as a positive. Ask yourself, what would make these women so angry and vindictive? We know women are now promoted in the workplace, just for possessing a vagina, and they pretty much have equal rights as men all across the board. So why are they so angry?
The confusion is added to it by the total lack of comment or explanation from feminists about the latest video promoted by the Swedish Feminist Movement, that shows young women murdering a man in cold blood, licking the blood off his wounds and dancing with glee. I am waiting for the "it's art, haven't you got a sense of humour" response but even that is not forthcoming. Even male feminists have ignored that disgusting video and offer no explanation, justification or excuse. Have they finally got the message that female feminists are really just demonstrating the hate and venom they carry against ALL men and not just those outside their genocidal movement..

Imagine the response from that hate movement if any man or a group of men, produced a video, shot a female in the head and laughed at it. Also, had a panel of "experts" on daytime television, laughing and making jokes about the whole thing. How would feminists react then ?

This just goes to demonstrate very clearly how hypocritical they really are. They claim equality and yet have no issue with ensuring that it does not apply to man and boys but are happy, even ecstatic whenever any male bashing, genocidal discussion on their forums or video displaying their toxic response to imaginary slights,  shows a brutal and vicious murder act, is just all ignored..

What manner of hypocrites are they really. You work it out as it's beyond my comprehension..