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It is a known fact that the FCI is extremely under reported and in most cases just ignored. Over the past 20 years or so the reporting in the MSM consisted mostly of male criminality. The front pages of every newspaper consistently and constantly promoted and enhances any wrongdoing by any  males. Many situations in the past highlighted this bias dramatically as the MSM decided that it was worth a lot more in entertainment value plus at the same time promoted the scare mongering that feminists had been promoting all along..

This deliberate effort ensured that their artificial and exaggerated claims was promoted while the wrongdoing of the other sex went unnoticed or was just ignored. A case in point, which I had constantly noticed in our local and state newspapers where any wrongdoing by any male received front page headlines, one example was a front page coverage of some hoon loosing his car because he dared to leave some rubber on the road and that was a criminal act and needed to be punished and discouraged. In that same newspaper was an article about a female who had murdered her husband, cut him up and fed him, as a casserole, to the kids for dinner. Now that particular article was on page 15, it covered four lines, no names were mentioned or any other information included. It just had "Murder charge and three other lines of information, from memory, it did not even state that it was a female at all and that was it. If you were not looking for it, you would have missed it altogether.

Things have not changed much since then. It was only after a concerted effort by myself and several other MRA's (via letters to the editor, either via newspapers or snail mail, lodging complaints with the standards council, and ofcourse endless comments in newspapers)  that changed the whole news presentation message to include the wrongdoing of females and have it actually mentioned on the front page or at least as headline news. Up until then it was hidden in the back pages and ignored. If it had not been for the internet we would still be brainwashed into thinking that women do no wrong. They were well aware of the fact that it was being deliberately hidden and the only explanation would have been that it was a concerted effort encouraged by feminists in the media..

Thank goodness that media has been relegated to secondary as the Net is now or very close to the main avenue for news and information, according to recent research results..

The other issue which consistently reared it's ugly head was the endless bitching and moaning by male hating feminist journalists with their endless "where have the good men gone" pieces of misandry which once again demonstrated that the ongoing influence of that male hating movement still had control of the media via sympathetic editors which at that time was more about more women being introduced into the media. Their indoctrinated bias fomented into news articles without relent. They were in their element, where they could, in their own mind "make a difference". They completely ignored the fact that their articles were totally sexist, saturated with anti-male discrimination and was totally misandric in it's point of view. Once again a good example was that feminist bitch who generated a documentary on families by totally ignoring Fathers altogether, the news media PBS were quite happy to promote that bit of mudslinging until Glenn Sacks jumped in (known as the "Sackson Horde" where they(PBS) received over 15,000 emails, faxes and calls, it was good to have been part of it) and forced them to generate a real situation piece, instead of the feminised drivel that producer (feminist producer complained ,this is my life you're playing with) had scraped off the feminist's wimmyns/gender studies floor..

So it's is ongoing. Much of the criminal activity of women is downplayed or shown to be the result of some imaginary victimhood situation or response. Their actions still excused as minor, regardless of the horrendous nature of their crimes. Endlessly downplaying their acts and reducing accountability to such a degree that feminists are now clambering to exclude these criminals from any prison sentence or term  whatsoever, as in their opinion, they are all just victims..

Not holding women accountable for their actions is one of the mainstays of feminist doctrine,,

The object of this index is not to criminalise all women as I am well aware of many, especially in my own circle of friends, who would baulk at even taking the slightest vengeful act or behave in any fashion that would be determined to be illegal or harm any other human being. I know of lot of members of both sexes who would never take any action, deserved or not, against anyone for any reason. The current situation just ignores the criminal acts of women, be it murder, physical abuse, child physical or sexual abuse, robbery, theft, false accusations of all kinds including sexual assault, rape, false claims/witnessing in courts, all or most of these acts are either discounted, played down by white knight's self interested ignorance or where laws determine that women should automatically not be held accountable as they have always been since the laws were first generated. Women have been getting a free ride and in this day and age where equality is their argument and demand, then it's time they were held just as accountable as all men are..

Stop the sexism, bias and discrimination against all men and boys.