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As JTO from the A Voice for Men site demonstrated, feminists are quite happy to blame anyone associated with the Men's Movement as being "woman haters" without ever bothering to find out that the people involved in our movement (male and female) are in most cases in relationships and or are married. People like myself who are in partnerships and have children are involved for no other reason then being disgusted by their male hating behaviour and the promotion of that goal..

It does not require much to align the feminist hate movement to other depressive movements as feminists have clearly demonstrated and are quite happy to promote that they are..

The alignment of feminism to Socialism, Marxism and Nazism are clearly defined in their literature and their ongoing promotion of the anti-male rhetoric. Below is a good example, as the link from JTO's article shows The link is to a Radical Feminist Forum whose activities included a meeting in Perth,  Western Australia in September 2011. This meeting of like minded Genocide promoting, feminists included discussing the SCUM manifesto and it's benefits and hopeful outcomes.

One of the attending speakers is Susan Hawthorne as you can see below..
BY FCMGuest post by Susan HawthorneThis is based on a talk originally given at the SCUM Conference in Perth, Australia on 24 September 2011.I come to the writing of manifestoes with the interests of a poet and political activist. Political activism is obvious. But poetry? An effective manifesto is one in which the language works, the political position is clear – but above all – it has rhythm and metre. A manifesto is a bit like a poem or a song.
Let’s look at Marx and Engels. The first line of the prologue:
A spectre is haunting Europe–the spectre of Communism (Marx and Engels 1848/1967: 78).
Or the first line a Chapter 1:
The history of all hitherto existing societyis the history of class struggles (Marx and Engels 1848/1967: 79).
The most disappointing aspect of the Communist Manifesto are the last lines:
It does demonstrate clearly how ignorant and forgetful feminists like Hannah Mudge is when it comes to blaming all and sundry on the Men's Movement, while they in turn put up their hands and claim  innocence and fawn ignorance. The NAFALT denial persists (not all feminists are like that)..

That radical feminist forum discusses the annihilation of all men and boys via DNA manipulation as well as genocide, their hatred seethes from those pages and is as sickening as anyone can ever imagine. Select the worse scenario and that is precisely what it is they propose. It's not a busy site, it does have quite a few followers whose attitudes and rantings can only be described as psychotic, bordering on lunacy..

The connection between feminism and it many variations are there for all to see. They claim to be a movement for "equality" but the Swedish example has already totally destroyed that notion as we have already witnessed. Feminism cannot be described as anything else but a hate movement, whose only aims is for the destruction of all men and boys by gradual and systemic methodology. This can also be ascertained when reading a post from one of the swedish citizens..

Regardless of their claims, feminism does nothing more than promote hate and distrust between the sexes and the only way we will rid this planet of it is to ensure that the politicians and law makers are informed (as if they did not already know) of their maniacal actions and future aims..

Be careful who you vote for. Ensure they do not have any sympathy towards this hate movement..