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Feminists and Lesbians..

Jezebel website appears to be aptly named when one has a closer look at it's practises and promotions. You have to bear in mind that Jezebel is one of the supporting sites for the "Good Men Project" which I find rather unusual to say the least. What would a lesbian promotion site want with an imitation men's site and well may you ask..

The one thing they have in common is feminism. Feminists have been so busy deconstructing and restructuring the male character, behaviour and psyche that they are now looking for gormless guinea pigs to experiment with and from the look at their site they have a couple of mindless drones emasculated sufficiently enough for their politically correct version of male. Bear in mind that it's the same site that promote male hating bigots like Amanda Marcotte and Jessica Valenti, not only are these two miscreants in partnerships with members of the male sex, some male imitating versions but apparently, which their ideology has a preference for, lesbianism is not practised by either. I do wonder if there is some closet version looming as some of their behaviour may require some questioning..

Anyway, lesbians do have the worst reputations as well as the best statistics available for abusing the crap out of each other as well as other health issues, generated by their limited lifestyle..

Their cohabiting methods were put under the microscope when it was found that 60% of women in lesbian relationships were getting smacked and smashed mercilessly, suicides were up from normal and health issues were high as well. One can understand why as there would be no balance between the two as both would require the same level of attention at the same time, period time would be chaos. So getting two doses of blood out of one stone was just too difficult so they found another bloodletting method that worked really well for them..

You have to bear in mind that Jezebel et al, would be well aware of the abuse levels, the murders and suicides that lesbianism foments, but that obviously did not matter or change their thinking at all. The 1990's exposed their rabid behaviour to such a degree that workshops had to be organised around the country to teach them to stop abusing the crap out of each other..

Feminists ofcourse lived in denial, they were in a quandary because if they exposed that relationship for what it was then they would have major problems allocating and promoting the "all women are victims" platitude that their mindset required. Any option was better then admitting a normal heterosexual relationship was far less abusive than a lesbian relationship ever was..

Feminists were far too busy condemning all men for the exact problem lesbians were facing only their situation was far worse..

To Recruit Ladies For The Lesbian “Lifestyle”
Although there's few better recruitment tactics than seeing a previously very publicly straight, publicly unhappy woman (who recently toldHarpers Bazaar that she's bisexual but not a lesbian) look happy on the arm of an equally happy lady-partner, the British magazine Gay Times recently asked a number of advertising firms to come up with advertisements to do what the LGBT community has too often been accused of: recruit Breeders for the Gay Lifestyle. Unfortunately, they were all focused on straight men — and several of them were about why it sucks to date women. But what about putting some L in the LGBT recruiting agenda?

 Megan " I ain't no lesbo" Carpentier did actually promote the lesbo life-type for whatever reason you can think of as long as it's for the money.
"Although a straight woman myself, my prior career was in lobbying — so I pretty much got paid to convince people to do stuff they didn't necessarily want to do."
The benefits according to Carpentier, in becoming one is as follows -
1. Breasts are fun. They just are.2. You know how you used to fish for compliments about your shoes from your boyfriend? Yeah, don't worry about it.3. When you cry, your girlfriend won't try to make fix the problem, she'll just let you have your feelings.4. Double your wardrobe, double your fun.5. Body hair maintenance really is optional.6. And, if you're really one of those girly-girls who is super into the Dream Princess Wedding, there's only one thing to say: two wedding dresses.
Just to give you an indication of where those relationships are heading. More information on the links supplied.. 

It's part of an older lesbian-feminist paradigm which says most of the problems in the world come from men ...

While exclusively being a lesbian has little threat of getting AIDS, lesbians have their own set of problems. Domestic violence among lesbian partners is so high that workshops on the subject are popping up around the country. Source: The National Women's Alliance, " From Silence to Voice: A Conference on Partner Violence in Lesbian relationships," C. Nicole Mason, reported by Winnie McCory, Baltimore Gay Paper, 16 April 1999, p. A2, and " Lesbians Right Summit," National Origination for Women (NOW), Jan Collins, Denise Joson, C. Nicole Mason, Chris Mason, and Lois McKieth, "Partner Violence in Lesbian Relationships," 3:30 - 5:00 pm., 23 April 1999.
But no mention about taking self protection classes or increasing required health insurance cover. Shoddy journalism, I would say. I could never work out why they were nicknamed carpet-munchers, may have something to do about razor blades shortages, do you think !!
So line up and get your free education..