I hope you are aware of the online dictionary site called urbandictionary.com.
It is a well visited site ranking 619 globally and 301st in the USA for most visited site according to Alexa.com ranking and visited by millions every month.
The reason that compelled me to post about it is because of the presence open and accepted misandry that’s present in the website. It Looks like feminists have hijacked this site and every positive/good definition concerning Men/Men’s rights is voted down
Anti-male definitions are voted up consistently voted up
At the same time Pro-female/feminist definitions are receiving high votes every day.

Look for the definition of these words if you want proof

After that look at these words

Here is some definitions in short-
misandry 7252 up502 down
A term created by a group of straight white men who habitually confuse their "brain" with their anus.These men's rumination are usually too moronic for anyone without brain damage.

MRA 3135 up684 down
An MRA is a troglodyte that writes “women’s rights --- ROFLOL!“ and “a woman is the useless skin around the vagina” on Urban Dictionary.

misandrist 306 up1565 down
n. 1. One who hates men. 2. Advocate of denial of rights or social status to men.
The children were denied access to their father because the judge is a misandrist.

women 5917 up555 down
One of the great souls on Earth, they, however, are almost never respected. Most perverts, such as most of the other people, see them only as bodies to give them what they want.

Men 4329 up626 down
Things With Penises who tell women anything just to get intercorse

Men 3440 up422 down
The reason for many of girl's problems. Mostly because they think they want anything more than to enter their magical vaginia.

men 2028 up535 down
really a form of entertainment for women, and are very useless

Masculism 208 up1524 down
A movement which began in the 90's over concerns with men's rights. Masculists believe in equality for men in areas where they are currently not receiving equal rights or are unfairly treated and stereotyped.

Feminism 16303 up1347 down
The belief that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social equals to men.

masculist 136 up1469 down
A person who is for equal rights for men.

feminist 21414 up3724 down
someone who believes the radical notion that women are people.

Look how many votes even the ones that says men are useless and are ‘things with penises’ have received

I have something to tell about this particular entry about Misandry

misandry 7252 up502 down
A term created by a group of straight white men who habitually confuse their "brain" with their anus.These men's rumination are usually too moronic for anyone without brain damage.

by big daddy knows everything. Jul 21, 2011

I remember viewing it 2 months ago,it had like 2500-3000 votes up[approximately]
I visited the site 2-3 days ago and was surprised to find it has now over 6900 votes up
Now when I started writing this article I checked the entry and it had 7213 votes.I left the page open and refreshed it after 30mins.The count is now 7236!
The one I’ve copied now has 7252 votes

Update:it’s 7296 now

This entry was created on july 21st 2011,that means it’s been there for 120 days and has already received 7250 votes,if you do the math you’ll understand that it’s been receiving about 60 votes per day!
Now tell me whether it is common for a word like misandry that most people don’t know or believe it doesn’t exist to get this kind of attention from the common people within a short period of 120 days.
Most entries that have received 10000+ votes in this site have been there for like 2-3 years or even 5 or more.

I believe that a bunch of man hating feminazis have created these entries and are consistently voting them up on a daily basis.They want to distort the truth and don’t want the public to know what MRAs really are and what we want.

We as MRAs should do something against this.
We need to do the same thing these feminazis are doing.
We have to create new entries defining everything about Men/Men’s rights and MRA.
But just creating it isn’t enough,we need to vote the bad entries down and vote ours or the good positive entries up.But how can we do it?

If the Admin or some staff of this site can bring this issue to awareness of every MRAs in this site [ and even to others MRA activists on other wesites if that is possible]we’ll have enough people to vote our entries up.If you consider this important please create a permanent thread about the issue which every user can see/find easily.

we may not be strong as our opponents but every small thing we do counts.