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This new blog was bought to my attention a while back and listed it to expose man's history and his epic struggles against tyranny of the past , it's about the MRA's in history, back in 1929, as the poster demonstrates. One may be surprised by this but apparently even back then, there was a need as men were exploited and "oppressed" which does put paid to feminists claim that all men of the past had an exceptionally easy lifestyle. Every male back in those days, had an enviable, easy and euphoric existence apparently and everything they had was given to them on a gold monogrammed plate. That was the life according to feminists who have now been demonstrated to hold the life of any male as an insignificance, one to be abused and eliminated. Just like in those "good" old days. History repeating itself ?

As St Estephe mentions, if we do not expose this history, feminists will both ignore and bury it, so their claims and their exaggerations can wax lyrical about all that "oppression" the other sex suffered while man and boy lived life on the "high end of the hog", a saying that represents a life of luxury..

I wondered if those 10-12 year old boys working in coal mines back then, would agree ?

The date of 1929, would put their efforts, post world war I in Europe where millions of men died and women handed out "white feathers" to encourage men to die on the battlefields or be shamed for the rest of their lives. Women didn't bother to volunteer to sit on those front lines either, I noticed..

I know that I have listed this before but it was time to repeat that exposure as they so often forget the important bits of history as they are way too busy making up their own "herstory" versions..


A comment from the bog's author..

St. Estephe said...
If bloggers wish to put MRA on the map, it might be worth considering making a coordinated effort to start getting the names of historical MRAs -- as well as facts about the history of MR orgs dating back to 1926 -- into blog texts. #1 is Sigurd Hoeberth (1926). Other will be found listed in "Early Men's Rights Activists" on "The Unknown History of MISANDRY." History is a major propaganda tool of the misandrists and MRAs so far have been unwilling to take the issue of rewriting history seriously. In my opinion every MRA blog needs at least one article to be posted dealing with some aspect of pre-1960 activism with some historical facts, names and references -- in order to get the ball rolling. We can be assured that not a single university professor is going to do this work for us. We have to do it ourselves. This is why "The Unknown History of MISANDRY" was put online. It is meant to be a research resource for activist writers.

As you will see, St Estephe has indeed put in some major effort to have history regarding MRAs recorded. Have a look and read. Top blog on the topic and a well done to St. Estephe..