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"Stupid is as stupid does"..Maria was apparently under the opinion that she could make some male hating comment and dish out the usual feminist diatribe on this site, without suffering any consequence or accountability. Her male hating ranting is a prime example on how feminists are quite happy smearing any and every male. Regardless of the fact that I, as a father having raised 5 kids plus all the other men who read this blog have behaved in an exemplary fashion, while being thoroughly reamed by her sex without any negative behaviour on their part, is totally besides the point, all are automatically caste into that same generic behavioural pattern that feminists constantly accuse all men of being involved in. The amazing fact that women are not blameless and are as abusive, sadistic and cruel are apparently insignificant. This is feminisms method of blaming all of one sex for the actions of a few and living in denial about their own sex. The hypocrisy and narrow minded attitude that feminists like Maria constantly portray is undeniably ignorant and demonstrates the constant hate they promote at will..

Feel better now Maria ?

Maria has left a new comment on your post "How Feminists Hate Women..": 
As a woman and a feminist i disagree. Feminism(s) goals is not to end femininity or heterosexuality. We want people to understand where the idea of femininity and masculinity come from, but not to stop it by resorting to masculinity as if that were some ultimate gender. The reason we target femininity, is not to harm women, but to show how femininity has been used by men to harm women. Men have caused the most harm to women because of the way they look. They have raped her or touched at a club because she is wearing a fabulous skirt/dress with heels. Her amazing breasts have gotten her a job, for the sole reason of her boobs, or out of a job because they think she is incompetent. Idealized femininity has killed thousands of teenage girls who become anorexic, bulimic or commit suicide. So, we are not trying to end femininity and become masculine butch lesbians, we want men and the world to understand that our femininity should not work against us and that men's masculinity is not an excuse for abuse in any way. 
I did pose the question yesterday about the male-hating, feminist hegemony, where are the leaders and who would want to be involved in that movement in order to deride men and boys, invoke violence against  an entire sex as well as teach others to follow their narrow minded, moronic, self-induced narcism  which gives them license to behave in that fashion while promoting a hate movement, those actions we have seen in previous posts on that murder video that feminists produced and put on line from Sweden..

As I mentioned as well, the response from feminists and their blood-lust and anger has to originate from somewhere. Someone has to put up their hand and say, it's me, I promote that ..

Say hello to Maria..

As you can see from the above rant, it has spewed the standard baseless feminist tirades which is ofcourse the standard hate list of accusation and that hate list is peppered with narrow minded bigotry that only feminists "feel" they can justify by blaming an entire gender with the actions of a few. This is the standard methodology that feminists use to invoke hate against males which in their opinion is totally justified..

Each feminist feels the need to espouse their poison onto everyone else as they "feel" they have some revelation to expose but fail to comprehend that they are primarily supporting lies and exaggerations, feminists and feminism is involved in Genocide and the planning thereof. So everyone associated with that male-hate movement can be assumed to being a supporter of genocide, with the removal, killing and disposal of the male sex from this planet. No other determination can now be made as we have exposed the feminist movement as being part of that outcome. Demonstrated that it is their aim and goal..

The tag for Maria exposed the following information and I will show just a little information to demonstrate precisely what these feminists are about. Bare in mind that some of the followers on "the bridge" site are lesbian feminists to begin with..

Here are other members of her male hating group and the sites they follow..


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The album she turned out is an overstuffed hot mess with good tracks that fail to cohere into a whole – instead Bionic is packed with attempts to make club music, fun feminist anthems with mocking choruses and chamber ballads.

    Welcome to WGSS 370!

    Welcome to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 370:
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    I am your instructor, Nicole Engel.

    Class Survey

    1. Name, and what you prefer to be called: Nicole Engel. You may call me Nicole or Ms. Engel - whichever you prefer.

    2. Year in school: I am a 4th year PhD student.

    3. Major/minor: I am currently working on a PhD in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies here at OSU.
    4. What other women’s studies classes have you taken? (If none, N/A): too many to list here :D
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    I am teaching this course because my own research focuses on lesbian subjectivities, sexualities, and communities. I hope that we are able to cover a wide range of issues pertinent to lesbian, queer, and trans subjects in the US - some that you may be expecting and some that you may be surprised by!
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Sneaky Hate Spiral

Most of the time, I'm pretty even-tempered.  Aside from the odd nervous breakdown or caffeine-induced bliss-seizure, I have the emotional variation of sand.  However, every once in a great while, I'll lapse into what I like to call a "sneaky hate spiral." 
That blog has over 4000 followers. Does give you some indication of the childish behaviour some are happy to follow..

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